Iran ‘thumbed their nose’ at the Biden administration: Aryeh Lightstone

Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, a former advisor to U.S. Israeli Ambassador David Friedman, joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to weigh in on Iran’s latest drone attack against Israel.

Lightstone said the attack was an insult to the Biden administration from Iran. It saw Iran launch some 300 drones and missiles toward Israel from its own territory, though Israel says it and its allies intercepted roughly 99% of them.

"Iran looks at the Biden administration and sees complete and total weakness," Lightstone said on Sunday. "Just look at how Iran thumbed their nose at President Biden. They proceeded with this--whether it was performative or whether it was deliberate--over 300 attack objects headed from Iran into Israel in the middle of the night."

"That action happening was testing whether Biden's 'don't' was to Iran or whether it was to Israel, and they've put a bet that when Biden says 'don't,' he's talking to Israel. Just like all of the 'don'ts' in the last six weeks that have been about Israel and not about Hamas," he added.

Israel has so far responded to the attack only by striking Hezbollah targets in Lebanon. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has yet to formally respond to the attack.

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