Iran celebrates 'victorious' attack on Israel, vows 'heavier' response if Israel retaliates

The Iranian Foreign Ministry celebrated the country's assault against Israel on Sunday, declaring the operation to be "powerful" and "victorious."

Iran launched some 300 drones and missiles from its own territory toward Israel, though vast majority were intercepted by air defenses. The Iranian regime shared a message from President Ibrahim Raisi.

“Raisi sends a message following historic, powerful, victorious operation against [the] Zionist regime,” the foreign ministry wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

"Iran's armed forces taught a lesson to the Zionist enemy," Raisi said. "Any new adventure will be responded with a heavier and regrettable response."

Israel claims it and its allies intercepted 99% of Iran's drones and missiles during Saturday's attack.

The Israeli military reacted by sending fighter jets to strike multiple Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, including a major weapons manufacturing site.

Israel has yet to announce large-scale retaliation for Iran's attack, however. Its decision could lead to a regional war.

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