3 dead after man's 'crime spree' of stabbings and carjackings in California, police say

Three people were killed and more were injured Thursday during a "crime spree" of stabbings and vehicle collisions in the San Jose, California, area, officials say.

Police were able to take a suspect into custody after he carried out multiple "random" attacks and carjackings in the cities of San Jose and Milpitas, law enforcement said.

"We ended the crime spree," Milpitas Police Chief Jared Hernandez said at a news conference Friday. "We were able to effectively prevent additional people from being injured." 

The suspect, Kevin Parkourana, is in custody on multiple homicide charges and carjacking charges after surrendering to officers on the streets Thursday evening, police said.

Police have not been able to identify any connections between the victims and said the attacker appears to have randomly targeted them, acting alone.

"We believe that the suspect we have in custody is the sole suspect responsible for the violent crime that occurred yesterday," Mata said Friday.

Parkourana was on probation and had felony and misdemeanor convictions, according to Mata.

Police say they are continuing to investigate.

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San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan said Friday that the city was shocked and saddened by the deaths.

"I'm heartbroken by what took place in our city. There are no words that can convey the depth of our sorrow to the families of the victims. San Jose mourns with you," Mahan told reporters Friday.

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