The Vietnam War As Seen By Its Fearless Photographers

 While the quagmire may have technically ended some time ago, in many veterans' and war photographer's hearts, the Vietnam War rages on.

Op Oregon1967: Operation "Oregon," a search and destroy mission conducted by infantry platoon of Troop B. Here an infantryman is lowered into a tunnel by members of the reconnaissance platoon.
Vietnam War AP Photographers Rainy Day
1965: In the jungle area of Ben Cat, U.S. paratroopers carry their weapons above water in the rain while they search for Viet Cong troops.
Jungle Mud
1968: Armed South Vietnamese marines slog through jungle mud, Mekong Delta, South Vietna
Vietnam War AP Photographers Grieving
A South Vietnamese woman grieves the loss of her deceased husband, who was discovered in a mass grave.Daily Mail

Wounded Warrior
A wounded paratrooper in agonizing pain awaits medical evacuation at the base camp of Shau Valley.Daily Mail

Bunker Sign
"Home is where you dig" was the sign over a fighting bunker, 1968.
Vietnam Paratroopers
1954: French paratroopers descend on Dien Bien Phu to provide reinforcements.Daniel Camus and Jean Péraud/Daily Mail

Chopper Aircover
1965: U.S. Army helicopters lay down cover fire over South Vietnamese troops as they attack a Viet Cong camp north of Tay Ninh, near the Cambodian border.Horst Faas/Daily Mail

Con Thien
Combat at the Con Thien Base in 1968.
Chopper Down
1966: U.S. Marines south of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) after a night of fighting North Vietnamese troops. The supply chopper seen in the picture was shot down.Henri Huet/Daily Mail

Vietnam Red Beach
1965: American soldiers arriving at Red Beach at Da Nang.Peter Gregg/Daily Mail

Vietnam War AP Photographers Burning Monk
Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc burns himself to death on a Saigon street to protest persecution of Buddhists by the Catholic South Vietnamese government. This was the first in a series of self-immolation by the monks.

Peace Symbol
1971: Near Camp Eagle, an aerial view of a peace symbol probably made by U.S. troops with a bulldozer.
Daily Mail

Vietnam War AP Photographers Recovery
1966: The body of a U.S. soldier killed in battle near the Cambodian border is lifted up to an evacuation helicopter.Henri Huet/Daily Mail

Burning Base
Carry Ammo
Picture released in 1972 by a North Vietnamese official agency with the caption: "Young women carry the ammunition to the front in Quang Tri province, south Vietnam."VAN BANG/AFP/Getty Images

Civilians Troops
1972: Lightly-wounded civilians and troops attempt to push their way aboard a South Vietnamese evacuation helicopter.AP photo/Flickr/judgerock

Company H
Marines of Company H walk through a punji-staked gully in 1966. Private First Class Raymond Rumpa, St. Paul, Minnesota, with a 45 pound 90mm recoiless rif1968: Armed South Vietnamese marines slog through jungle mud, Mekong Delta, South Vietnam.

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