LAURA INGRAHAM: The scenes you're seeing at the border are exactly what Democrats want

Ingraham says the US is seeing the destruction of the middle class

Fox News host Laura Ingraham shares why Democrats don't care about the "collateral damage" that's done to the country by allowing thousands of migrants to enter on "The Ingraham Angle."

 In T-minus two hours now, hundreds of thousands of foreigners gaming our immigration system will begin pouring in. Now, after they get there, though, they're going to be asked where they want to go, then they're going to get their free bus tickets, all courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. Now, most of them will not be screened at all either for diseases or prior criminal backgrounds. Sometimes they'll get a piece of paper telling them to show up years down the road for an immigration hearing — yeah, that's going to happen. Now, understand this and understand it well. The scenes you're watching tonight are not happening because of Biden administration incompetence. They're happening because this is exactly what the Democrats want. 


Now, let me explain this. Liberals and business elites have been working toward this for decades, and now they're celebrating what is ultimately, if they really get their way, the destruction of America's middle class. Sounds inflammatory, hyperbolic? Stay with me. Now, why do they want to destroy the middle class? Well, the far left hates all those traditions that the middle class clings to, especially the flag-waving, guns, religion. You get the score. And big business — they dislike the middle class because it's an obstacle to keeping wages as low as possible. Remember, under Trump, the middle class is better off. Their median income was rising and we had minimal inflation. But a limitless supply of low-wage workers? That's what makes business happiest and keeps America's middle class the poorest. 
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The open borders radicals think every migrant sleeping on the ground tonight waiting for processing is a future Democrat voter. That's how they see them. The wealthy donors see the migrants as much-needed cheap labor. Now it's as simple as that. If those two groups didn't want this to happen, Biden wouldn't have done it. Because of what they've done, an untold number of Americans will not just lose jobs, but lose their lives. For these globalists, though, it's all collateral damage. They don't care as long as they get to hold on to power and get rich. That's all that matters. 

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