Coronation of King Charles: Top 5 viral moments

 Prince Harry's view of the coronation was partially obstructed by the red feather in Princess Anne's hat

The coronation of King Charles officially concluded Saturday, beginning a new reign of the monarchy.

The coronation, which was just one element of the three-day celebratory weekend, was full of viral moments.

Princess Anne Blocks Prince Harry During Coronation

Despite the palpable friction among the royal family, Prince Harry did show up to support his father, King Charles. As a non-working member of the royal family, Harry was not allowed to wear his military garb, although his medals were adorned on his suit.

placeholderHarry was seated behind his aunt and uncle: Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Anne, Princess Royal. Keen viewers noticed that Harry's view was partially obstructed, due to Anne's ensemble, which featured a bright red feather sticking out of her traditional bicorn hat.


Social media erupted in hysterics, noticing what they believed to be a strategic move to block Harry.

One person wrote on Twitter, "The Princess Anne's hat feather protecting Harry's privacy," referencing the prince's departure from the United Kingdom and separation from the royal family. 

"That had to be deliberate they’re so petty," another user wrote.

Writer Kathryn Hall poked fun at the visual, writing, "Princess Anne deserves a medal for wearing that hat today."

Despite the commotion it caused online, Prince Harry and Princess Anne were seen enjoying a warm moment together inside Westminster Abbey.

Prince Harry, seated, smiles in a suit as his aunt Anne, Princess Royal approaches him wearing a green jacket and dark hat with a red feather in it (with her back to the camera)

Prince Harry and his aunt, Anne, Princess Royal, shared a sweet moment inside Westminster Abbey during King Charles' coronation. (Richard Pohle  - WPA Pool)

Prince Louis' Antics

The shenanigans of Prince Louis, 5, continued as King Charles was crowned king.

Putting on his best behavior, the young prince had several lapses in composure, much to the delight of viewers.

Prior to their arrival at Westminster Abbey, Prince Louis and his siblings, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince George, 9, rode in a chariot with their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

Inside, Louis put on an adorable display of confusion, boredom and disdain.

Prince Louis in a chariot on his way to the Kings' coronation shows disdain in a funny scowl split Prince Louis yawns

On his way to the coronation, Prince Louis was caught making amusing faces to the crowd. (Samir Hussein/Oli Scarff)


The past histrionics of Prince Louis' at Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee were remembered, as the extended royal family appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony after the king's crowning.

"I’m no Royalist, but Prince Louis is hysterical," one person posted on Twitter, adding a crying laughing emoji. "They must be dreading his ‘terrible teen’ years ahead!"

placeholder"Prince Louis always steals the show," another person wrote.
Prince Louis waves on the balcony in front of his mother Kate Middleton in red and a large stone tiara and Prince William in black adorned with a sash and chain split Prince Louis points up to the sky

On the balcony of Buckingham Palace, Prince Louis was seen dramatically waving to the crowd. (Samir Hussein )

Katy Perry Can't Find Her Seat

Video of pop-star Katy Perry attending the coronation showed the "American Idol" judge pacing within Westminster Abbey, desperately trying to locate her seat. 

The footage went viral, with people taking to social media to comment on Perry's struggle.

"She can't find it because her hat is in the way. Poor Katy," one user wrote beneath a video of the star.


Katy Perry in a lilac dress and large headband hat struggles to find her seat in Westminster Abbey

Katy Perry was pictured searching for her seat in Westminster Abbey. (Phil Noble - WPA Pool)


Perry, who is slated to perform at the coronation concert on Sunday, was acutely aware of the mockery online. Getting in on the joke, she cheekily tweeted to her followers, "don't worry guys i found my seat."


Prince William Kisses King Charles in Rare Moment of Affection


We rarely see public displays of affection between members of the royal family, but after pledging his allegiance to his father, King Charles, Prince William gave the king a kiss on the cheek.

The moment came just after Prince William, kneeling and clutching his father's hands, recited, "I, William, Prince of Wales, pledge my loyalty to you and faith and truth I will bear unto you, as your liege man of life and limb. So help me God."

Before kissing King Charles, William stood up and touched his father's crown.

Prince William kisses his father's left cheek, who is sitting in a chair with a dark crown as he is crowned King

Prince William kissed his father's cheek after pledging his allegiance to the king. (Yui Mok  - WPA Pool)

One user wrote of the exchange on Twitter, "Priceless moment. my favorite moment of the ceremony. Best wishes to His Majesty The King."

Matching Mother and Daughter

Kate Middleton in a leaf tiara walks in with a stoic expression to Westminster Abbey, wearing a blue cape, walking alongside her is Princess Charlotte in a matching, smaller tiara

Princess Charlotte matched her mother, Princess of Wales, Catherine, ahead of King Charles' coronation. (Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Catherine, Princess of Wales, and her young daughter Charlotte both debuted gorgeous tiaras for the coronation.

Instead of wearing archived or symbolic tiaras, both wore newly created leaf tiaras by Alexander McQueen in partnership with Jess Collet, per Harper's Bazaar.

placeholderThe headpieces were made with silver bullion and crystal.

"Little Princess Charlotte looks so lovely and I love that her headpiece matches her mother’s tiara," wrote one individual on Twitter. 

Inside Westminster Abbey, Princess Charlotte in white and a leaf tiara looks at a reading with her mother Catherine, Princess of Wales, in a blue robe with red ribbon and a matching tiara

The stunning tiaras of Princess Catherine and Princess Charlotte were on display Saturday. (Yui Mok - WPA Pool)

The king's coronation marks the first time Princess Charlotte has been photographed wearing a tiara.

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