Bear Grylls 'embarrassed' by past vegan diet, says he's 'never been better' with all meat diet

The TV survivalist host insisted he was 'wrong' to think a vegan lifestyle was good for his health and the environment

Survivalist Bear Grylls admitted he is now "embarrassed" by his previous vegan diet, admitting he was wrong to think that it was good for his health or the environment.

Grylls, who previously practiced both a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, recently revealed that he has begun switching to a diet consisting entirely of red meat, eggs and organ meat. Prior to this, he went so far as to publish a cookbook "Fuel for Life" that attacked society’s "unnatural ways of breeding, keeping and killing animals." But Wednesday, however, the adventurist told The UK Telegraph that he was "wrong" to attack meat.

"I was vegan quite a few years ago – in fact, I wrote a vegan cookbook - and I feel a bit embarrassed because I really promoted that," Grylls said. "I thought that was good for the environment and I thought it was good for my health. And through time and experience and knowledge and study, I realized I was wrong on both counts."

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TV survivalist Bear Grylls admitted feeling "embarrassed" that he previously promoted a vegan lifestyle. (iStock)

Grylls first revealed that he had moved on from his vegan lifestyle back in November, remarking that many of the foods he ate at the time appeared to have a negative effect on his health. Since switching to all red meat and animal organs, he now claims his body has "never been better."


"For a long time, I’d been eating so many vegetables thinking it was doing me good, but just never felt like it had given me any good nutrients compared to the nutrient density I get from basically blood or bone marrow – red meat," he said. "I’ve tried to listen to my body more, tried to listen to nature, and I don’t miss vegetables at all. I don’t go near them and I’ve never felt stronger, my skin’s never been better, and my gut’s never been better."

Vegan moms on TikTok

Many moms on TikTok are touting vegan diets for their infants and toddlers.  (TikTok/@cccherrybomb.c, @myblackgirlroots, @heyashleyrenne)


"I’ve found a counterculture way of living, of embracing red meat and organs – natural food just like our millennia of ancestors would have eaten for hundreds of thousands of years. And out of all the different things I do for my health, I think that’s probably been the biggest game-changer, in the sense of improving my vitality, wellbeing, strength, skin and gut. It’s just been getting away from the processed stuff and making the predominant thing in my diet red meat and liver and the natural stuff – fruit, honey, that sort of thing. It’s just about finding a more ancestral way of living," Grylls said.

In addition to feeling healthier, Grylls insisted that he has also felt fuller since switching away from a vegan lifestyle. 

"And I find now I’m always full when I’m eating so much meat and eggs and butter and fruit and honey – I’m never hungry. I go out and I’ll order three burgers and get rid of all the buns and the fries and just have the burgers. I don’t crave junk food," he argued. 

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Grylls has since switched to an all meat diet. (iStock)

Former vegan influencer Alyse Parker similarly remarked on the benefits of switching from an all-vegan diet to the Carnivore Diet back in 2019.

"I swallowed my pride and decided I’d give it a shot," she said. "Full-on carnivore. I woke up the next morning feeling more mentally clear, focused, wholesome, and healthy than I had felt in years."

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