Man struck and killed by SUV driver in Queens while fleeing another crash


A man fleeing the scene of a Queens car crash was fatally struck by another SUV driver while trying to run across the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, police said Thursday.
The wild scene began Wednesday around 10:15 p.m. when the 30-year-old victim struck another car at 69th St. and Broadway in Woodside.
The victim jumped out of his car and ran towards the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway with the second driver in hot pursuit, cops said.
Police said the victim cross all six lanes of the highway, then was fatally struck by a 2020 Chevy Suburban on the westbound side when he tried to run back.
The 29-year-old Suburban driver remained at the scene and will not be charged, police said.
It was not immediately clear if the driver involved in the initial crash would be charged.

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