‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak slams stay-at-home orders during coronavirus pandemic

'Wheel of Fortune' host Pat Sajak
'Wheel of Fortune' host Pat Sajak(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Pat Sajak thinks he solved a puzzle, but his logic is bankrupt.
The “Wheel of Fortune” host offered his opinion on the stay-at-home orders still in place in many states that were enacted to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
However, perhaps inspired by the thinking emoji, Sajak said it’s hypocritical for people who are gainfully employed to urge people who are unemployed to stay at home to avoid contracting a deadly contagious disease.
“When a disc jockey or a talk show host or a journalist who is being paid to work from his or her home tells people who can’t work, pay bills or pay their rent or mortgage to “Stay home and be careful because we’re all in this together,” it’s okay to question the premise,” Sajak, 73, wrote on Twitter.
Research has shown that older people are much more likely to suffer serious, even deadly complications from coronavirus.
As of Monday, more than 89,000 people in the U.S. have died from coronavirus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.
The multi-millionaire Sajak is no stranger to offering his opinions on Twitter, but routinely deletes some of his more controversial ideas.
President Trump has praised protesters who have flouted local- and state-level stay-at-home orders while similarly calling for states to “re-open” their economies.
Meanwhile, polling shows that a majority of “regular” Americans and public health experts think states should only re-open if it can be done safely.

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