Harvard debunks Trump’s ‘inaccurate’ claim it took coronavirus small biz stimulus

Harvard University campus
Harvard University campus(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

This Ivy isn’t wilting under pressure.
Harvard University is pushing back hard against President Trump’s “inaccurate” claim that it scored coronavirus stimulus cash intended for struggling small businesses.
The elite Ivy League college says it only received money under a separate plan designed to help universities support disadvantaged students left stranded by the closure of the campus.
“It would not have been appropriate for our institution to receive funds that were designated for struggling small businesses,” the university wrote on its official Twitter feed.
Trump lashed out at Harvard, which has a $40 billion endowment, after reports surfaced that it scored stimulus cash.
He continued to say that “Their whole “endowment” system should be looked at!” Trump said.
It’s not clear what he meant by “looking into” the university’s endowment. Like other private universities, Harvard has accumulated a massive nest egg mostly through the generous support of alumni and others.
Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, obtained admission to the elite Ivy League school despite middling academic performance after his wealthy parents made a $2.5 million donation.

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