CRUISE BRUISIN’ Watch cruise ship BRAWL break out between female passengers…but it’s the commentator that’s grabbed the most attention

THIS is the moment chairs fly across the room and fists are thrown in a cruise brawl - but the commentator steals the show.

The bizarre incident occurred in the early hours of the morning on a cruise in Central America last month.

The brawl began with some chair-throwing and quickly escalated
The brawl began with some chair-throwing and quickly escalatedCredit: TikTok / @rizzarioman12
All Nick Robinson wanted was a slice of pizza
All Nick Robinson wanted was a slice of pizzaCredit: TikTok / @rizzarioman123

Nick Robinson, 43, just wanted a slice of pizza from the ship's dining hall but instead walked into an out-of-control brawl.

Footage shows one woman grabbing a chair and tossing it across the room first, to which her opponent does the same thing.

More people begin to join in on the action before one woman starts charging at another, landing both of them on the floor.

A physical fight begins with some women tackled to the ground.While the brawl of several women gets in full flow, Nick turns his phone to joke: "Welcome to the cruise".

The partakers seem unphased by the 43-year-old's filming and continue to beat each other as Nick repetitively exclaims "Come on man".

When the fight seemingly begins to break up but the women are still screaming at each other, Nick says to staff: "This is America over here we don't want to mess with that".

In an attempt to diffuse the tense situation, Nick jokes: "I'm glad I came for some pizza".Throughout the video, Nick makes it clear he just wants to get a slice of pizza.

At the end of the six-minute-long video, he shows the aftermath of the brawl with broken plates and chairs scattered around the room.

The hilarious commentator kindly offers staff to help clean up the mess left by the brawlers.

Nick received praise on social media for his engaging commentary and kindness in helping staff.

One user said: "This narrator did a tremendous job"

Another said: "At least the guy who videoed it made it entertaining for the rest of us"

And: "This commentary was legendary"

Nick told New York Post how he thought the girls may have drank too much which led to the fight.

He said: "Those girls were already set on what they were gonna do. It just got out of hand very, very quickly."And that’s how it happens. You’re just drinking too much."

Nick was on the cruise with his fiancée and three children.

Several people began taking part in the bizarre fight
Several people began taking part in the bizarre figh

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