‘One Of The Wildest Stories I’ve Ever Heard’: Michael Knowles Interviews Christian Couple Who Previously Identified As Gay And Transgender

 Daily Wire host Michael Knowles sat down with Christians, Nick and Lex, who say God led them out of homosexual and transgender lifestyles. 

Nick, who used to identify as gay, and Lex, a woman who used to identify as a man, told Knowles that they met and got married when they were both living out their LGBT lifestyles. After coming to faith in Jesus Christ, Lex detransitioned and the couple stayed married as a heterosexual couple. 

“This is one of the wildest stories I’ve ever heard,” Knowles said. “You, Lex, identified as a man on hormones for 14 years. You, Nick, identified as a homosexual.” 

“I’m just going to shut up. Tell me everything,” said Knowles. 

The young couple described how God renewed their minds and Lex’s “physical body.” Lex said that early in their relationship, she had to get biopsies which found cancerous cells inside of her. After detransitioning, Lex said that a doctor from Planned Parenthood was shocked and told them, “This doesn’t make physical possible sense, but you no longer have any cancerous cells in your body.”

Nick and Lex added that after they received the good news about the disappearance of the cancerous cells in Lex’s body, they were blessed with a “miracle.”


“I think it just goes to show that anyone can transform or turn into anything that they want. But nobody talks about transforming back to the original design that you’re supposed to be,” said Nick. “The world can tell you so much about who you’re supposed to be based off of your interests or your personality type, and try to fit you into all of these crazy, outlandish boxes that might necessarily make you feel included for a time.”

Lex discussed how she “bought into the lie” of the LGBT movement, adding, “The whole world in the queer community was saying, well, you know, if God made you then God made you this way.” 

“That argument doesn’t work with the trans community,” she said. “Because if we say, God made me this way, then that means that I should have been a woman.” 

Lex, who said she struggled with gender dysphoria from the age of 5, also told Knowles that she was abused as a child by multiple people, including her alcoholic mother. While she struggled with her gender identity and abuse, Lex said she would desperately look to find a loving community but was rejected by her family and a church she tried to attend for living out her LGBT lifestyle. 

“As a child, I was just rejected. My ‘Christian household’ struggled with alcoholism [and] abuse. … My own mother looked me in the eye and said, ‘If I would have known that you were going to be my child, I would have aborted you.’ And she said that to me, because I was struggling with my gender and my sexuality,” Lex said. 

“And so I would run to my family for safety. I’d run to my family to love me. When I was seeking a savior, I’d run to a church and the church would reject me,” she added. “And I ran to this loving community, and that was the queer community because they accepted me for me, not that I needed edifying or acceptance from the church. I just needed a loving body of believers or family to wrap their arms around me and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to walk with you through this journey.’ But all I faced was rejection.” 

Nick said he was grateful that his experience identifying as gay as a teenager did not result in the rejection that Lex faced. He said his family “never tried to change me, but they still loved me. However, they didn’t condone or agree with what I was doing, and that is the exact Christian model of how I feel we should address the community. … We can’t shun or reject nor condone at the same time.” 

Lex added that she was the one who proposed to Nick and asked his parents for his hand in marriage, but before she asked them, she told them about her transgender identity, adding that she even wanted to have children when she still identified as a man. 

“They must have been so relieved,” Knowles quipped. “My son accidentally married a woman.” 

The couple said they eventually found a church community that didn’t condone their LGBT identities, but also showed them the love they were so desperately looking for. 

“Although they believed fully the word of God and we struggled with what it said about same-sex, they chose to love us,” Lex said, describing a church they were a part of for a time in Las Vegas. “And that ministered to our hearts so much because we got to hang out with more believers and allow God to do the work on our heart and then have friends in our life to encourage us in the leading of the Lord rather than separating and kind of gatekeeping Jesus by taking people out of the church.”

Watch the full interview: 

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