Bill Maher Rips Leftist Anti-Semitism And Democrat Border Policies, Begs For Return Of ‘Traditional Dads’

Liberal comedian Bill Maher slammed the political Left over multiple issues this week ranging from anti-Semitism in the Democrat Party to woke parenting that has crippled an entire generation of people.

Maher, who made the remarks during his HBO “Real Time” show on Friday, also warned that Democrats were in for a shellacking in the forthcoming November elections because of how weak President Joe Biden has been on the border.

“Voters from the European Parliament said, ‘We do not like this much immigration,'” Maher said in noting that Right-wing parties experienced significant gains in the recent European elections. “Voters keep saying over and over again, we are not comfortable with this level of immigration. I understand why, it doesn’t make you racist to say that. It’s going to get them f***ed on election day.”

On the subject of Israel, Maher said that the anti-Semitism coming from the political Left is significantly worse than anti-Semitism coming from the political Right, and noted that it’s only gotten a small fraction of the coverage.

His remarks come after pro-Hamas leftists waved terrorist flags in New York City, vandalized Jews’ homes, and celebrated the October 7 massacre this last week.

“How come it’s okay for the Left to hate the Jews?” Maher asked. “Because, obviously, if this was the people at Charlottesville doing this, wouldn’t there be a bigger outcry?”

“If the people in Charlottesville who were chanting ‘Jews won’t replace us,’ I mean, that’s bad,” he said. “It’s not as bad as ‘Death to.’ That’s not deplorable? … If one side is deplorables and the other side does something that’s — I mean, if I was a Holocaust survivor, and I guess there’s not many of those left, but if I was, I would choose ‘Jews will not replace us’ over ‘Death to Zionists.'”

“There’s no condemnation like there was with Charlottesville,” Maher added.

Maher later begged for the return of “traditional dads” who know that their role with their children is to be “your parent, not your friend.”“Our kids are crippled with anxiety because they haven’t properly been prepared for a world that doesn’t revolve around them,” he said. “The mental health disorder is on the part of the adults, not the children. The adults who forgot that to a child, discipline is love.”

Maher said that parents should be able to tell their children “because I said so” when challenged by their children about why they are giving an order.

“He isn’t your emotional support animal,” Maher said. “He’s simply a guy who understands the job: to raise an adult who can survive in the wild.”

He said that boys who lack a strong father figure end up following “meathead misogynist influencers” like Andrew Tate.

“He’s popular with teenage boys because when we don’t give them a masculine male role model to look up to, they go out and find one,” he said. “And being teenage boys, of course it’s going to be the worst possible one.”

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