New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Reveals The Two Governors The Other Governors Can’t Stand

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) said during an event this week that many of the governors across the country get along with each other, but there are two in particular that no one likes.

Sununu made the remarks during a fireside chat at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, when asked by moderator Fred Ryan about how governors can play a bigger role in leading the U.S. forward.

“Yeah, again, lead by example,” Sununu said. “And I think, look, almost all the governors get along. I mean, in my eight years, I can honestly tell you there’s really only been two, maybe a third, but two real governors that really nobody liked, nobody cared for [them].”

When asked if he would reveal who the two governors were, Sununu obliged.

“Yeah, Andrew Cuomo — complete jacka**, no one likes him,” Sununu responded. “And I gotta be honest, no one cares for Gavin. Gavin is just a pr*ck, excuse me. He just is, it’s really disappointing. I got along with him. All of us got along with him for a while, but even the Democrats, they won’t tell you out loud, but behind closed doors, they’re like ‘Oh God, look who’s coming.’ You know, they all roll their eyes.”


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