JET PANIC Terrifying moment Boeing passenger plane shoots FLAMES from engine during takeoff in another safety blunder

A BOEING plane was forced to turn back after flames were spotted shooting from the engine during takeoff.

Frightening footage shows streaks of orange flames blasting from the jet as it takes to the air with 450 passengers on board.

Flames were seen shooting out of the jet's engine
Flames were seen shooting out of the jet's engineCredit: Jam Press
The plane was forced to turn back after taking off
The plane was forced to turn back after taking offCredit: Jam Press Vid

The latest blunder for Boeing comes as the company faces questions over several concerning incidents in recent months thanks to malfunctions on its planes.

The Garuda Indonesia flight - also carrying 18 crew members - was bound for Medina in Saudi Arabia but had to land back at Makassar, Indonesia.

Many of those on board the Boeing 747-400 aircraft were due to take part in the Hajj annual pilgrimage in Mecca.

The aircraft immediately returned to the airport after “fire was observed in one of the engines”, a Garuda Indonesia spokesman saidIt returned to the Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport at around 5.15pm on 15 May.

No one on board was injured.

Garuda Indonesia president, Irfan Setiaputra said: “The captain discovered that one of the engines was on fire and immediately decided that further inspection was necessary to determine whether the engine was faulty.

“The decision was made immediately after the aircraft took off.”The airline said they provided accommodation for the affected passengers.

Travellers had to take alternative flights to Saudi Arabia later the same day.

It is understood the plane has been kept grounded at the airport while safety inspections are carried out.

It comes just days after a Boeing 737 plane with 50 passengers on board had to make an emergency landing just minutes after taking off.

The United Airlines plane lasted just minutes in the air before complaints of an irregularity with a wing were reported.

Last week a Boeing plane caught on fire in Senegal
Last week a Boeing plane caught on fire in Senegal
The plane's left wing reportedly caught fire during landing
The plane's left wing reportedly caught fire during landing

The plane left Fukuoka Airport in Japan last Friday morning at around 11.45am before swiftly being forced to turn back around, police said.

The runway at Fukuoka Airport was temporarily closed for routine safety checks after the emergency landing.

Meanwhile last week, The Sun reported on a burning plane skidding off the runway in Senegal.

The Boeing 737 jet was seen on fire as terrified passengers were forced to jump to the ground for safety at Dakar airport.

All 73 passengers were evacuated with fifteen of them being left injured - four of them seriously.

Hours earlier on Thursday, another Boeing jet suffered a technical issue, raising safety concerns and causing further headache for the aircraft giant.A total of 190 people had to be evacuated after their Corendon Airlines flight had a tyre burst during landing at the Gazipasa airport in Alanya, Turkey.

And last Wednesday a Boeing cargo belonging to the US mail service FedEx plane crash-landed on its nose.

Sky high chaos: a timeline of Boeing incidents

BOEING has found itself at the centre of increasingly concerning reports in recent months thanks to malfunctions on its planes.

April 2018- Woman dies after being partially sucked out of window on Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 flight

October 2018 - Boeing 737 MAX 8 Indonesia Lion Air fatal crash leaves 189 dead

March 2019 - Boeing 737 MAX 8 Ethiopia Airlines fatal crash leaves 157 dead

January 2024 - Boeing 747 Delta Airlines plane loses front tyre

January 2024 - Boeing Alaska Airlines ripped window leaving gaping hole in the plane

March 2024 - Wheel falls off Boeing 777 United Airlines plane smashing cars below

March 2024 - Boeing 787 LATAM LA800 took a "sudden nose-dive" leaving 50 injured

April 2024- Boeing 737 engine cover ripped off mid-air

April 2024 - Wheel falls off and smoke billows from Boeing 737 FlySafair FA212 in South Africa

April 2024: Boeing 747 Lufthansa Airlines seen bouncing along the runway in another huge safety blunder.

May 2024 - Boeing 767 FedEx plane nosedives on runway due to front landing gear failure

May 2024- A 737 with 50 passengers on board was forced into an emergency landing in Japan just minutes after take-off

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