TikTok star deserted by Tesla unveils 'root of the problem' with EVs

From Tesla tows to charging concerns, @itsdanielmac explains the growing pains behind electric cars

Long before his viral TikTok career revved up, Daniel Macdonald — better known as @itsdanielmac across social platforms — had his finger on the car world’s pulse.

Over the past three years, Macdonald has been driving a "slightly used" 2019 Tesla around the Los Angeles area and recently told Fox News Digital the electric vehicle (EV) market has some growing pains to work out.

"There's still some issues with the [mileage] range. I think that's probably the primary issue that a lot of people have. I feel like Americans in particular, we like to go on trips, we like to travel far," the TikToker pointed out.

"America needs a car that can allow them to go to Yosemite if they want to go. And essentially, the root of the problem is the charging networks," he added. "And Tesla is far ahead of everyone else."


That’s part of the reason why Macdonald felt persuaded to buy a Tesla in the first place: just a few years ago, they were a "status symbol," he said. When Tesla debuted its first full EV, it was priced at more than $100,000. However, you could get behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3 today for around $50,000, according to CARFAX.

Daniel Mac on his Tesla experience
TikTok creator and car aficionado Daniel Macdonald discusses the downfalls of owning an EV with Fox News Digital.  (Fox News)\

But now, Macdonald is airing out his "gripe" with the EV brand, telling stories of charging, towing and jump-starting nightmares.

"If you don't have an at-home charger, or your apartment doesn't have one, then you have to every couple of days literally physically get in your car, drive to a station and then wait for it to charge," the TikTok star explained. "I liked it a lot more when I had accessible charging. Now it's kind of a pain."

"I got lucky because I have a supercharger that's pretty close to me, it's about half a mile away, but all people don't have that luxury," he continued.

Macdonald admitted he once had to pay nearly $1,000 to get his Tesla towed after the battery died. On another occasion, he attempted a haphazard jump start of his own.

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