Over a dozen additional jurors excused as Trump's legal team questions candidates

More than a dozen additional jurors have been excused from participating in former President Trump's hush money payments trial so far Tuesday.

The court started on Monday with 96 potential jurors, with roughly 50 being excused on Monday for saying they could not be impartial in the case, and an additional 9 were removed for other reasons. That left roughly 35 candidates on Tuesday, and now 14 of those have been excused.

Six of the Tuesday removals came because candidates said they could not be impartial, while the other 8 had scheduling conflicts or other issues.

One man, who remains unidentified, was excused because he was getting married outside of New York City in June and Judge Juan Merchan could not guarantee that the trial would be concluded by then.

Another woman, from Harlem, was excused after she confirmed that she has "strong opinions or firmly held beliefs about former President Donald Trump."

Others were excused for health reasons or conflicts with their work schedules.

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