Iran humiliated, Hezbollah and Houthis 'completely stunned' by Israel attack failure, says Gen. Keane

Keane called the failure of Iran's missiles a 'humiliation' and 'huge opportunity' for the US

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) joined "America's Newsroom" Monday to discuss Iran's failed missile and drone attack on Israel over the weekend and the "huge opportunity" for Israel and the United States to leverage the "humiliation." Keane said Iran's proxy forces, like Hezbollah and the Houthi rebels, are likely "stunned" by Tehran's inability to effectively strike Israel.


JACK KEANE: Well, they [Hezbollah] have to be stunned, frankly, because they have been urging Iran to get more involved in what they are doing. They wanted more direct assistance from Iran, and they finally got it. But what happened is it was historic, as you mentioned previously, because Iran has never invaded Israel before or fired on them consequentially. But the reality is, it was an overwhelming defeat for Iran and a humiliation. Their national leaders certainly humiliated, the IRGC humiliated. And I believe the proxies are completely stunned by the results that Iran was not able to achieve anything other than prove their willingness to attack Israel. And yes, I think there's a huge opportunity here for Israel and the United States going forward, to leverage this. 

The Israeli Iron Dome air defense system launches to intercept missiles fired from Iran, in central Israel, on Sunday, April 14. (AP/Tomer Neuberg)

placeholderIsrael fended off a furious attack on Saturday with the help of powerful allies in the region and around the world.

Multiple countries came together to help fend off over 300 drones and missiles launched at Israel from Iran, with the Israeli Defense Forces claiming that roughly 99% of the attack had been thwarted by their forces and allies.

"At my direction, to support the defense of Israel, the U.S. military moved aircraft and ballistic missile defense destroyers to the region over the course of the past week.  Thanks to these deployments and the extraordinary skill of our servicemembers, we helped Israel take down nearly all of the incoming drones and missiles," President Biden said in a statement condemning the Iranian attack.

But the U.S. was not the only country to step up in the defense of Israel, with France, Jordan and the United Kingdom also playing roles in intercepting the attack.

Fox News' Michael Lee contributed to this report.

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