Former ESPN Anchor Sage Steele To Guest-Host ‘Morning Wire’

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele will guest host The Daily Wire’s “Morning Wire,” one of the nation’s top news podcasts, this coming week.

Steele, a former anchor on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” and the host of the newly launched “The Sage Steele Show” on YouTube, will co-host “Morning Wire” from April 21 to April 27 alongside Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief John Bickley while co-host Georgia Howe is off for the week.

Steele, who left Disney after criticizing its COVID vaccine mandate, now interviews prominent athletes, entertainers, and politicians on her own show. In recent years, she has been outspoken about how politics took over ESPN after she first joined the network in 2007.

In 2022, she sued both ESPN and parent company Disney, saying that they had retaliated against her for making negative comments about COVID vaccine mandates and former President Barack Obama. In August 2023, she announced that the suit had been “successfully settled” and that she would be leaving so she would be more free to exercise her First Amendment rights.

During her time at ESPN, Steele was given the opportunity to interview President Joe Biden. Speaking with Fox News earlier this year, Steele said that the Biden interview was highly scripted and that she wasn’t allowed to “deviate” from the preset questions.

“Every single question was scripted, gone over dozens of times by many editors and executives. Absolutely. I was on script and was told not to deviate,” she said. “It was very much ‘This is what you will ask. This is how you will say it. No follow-ups, no follow-ups. Next.’ … This went up to the fourth floor, as we said, where all the bosses, the top executives, the decision makers are, the president of our company, the CEO, where they all worked.”

The interview made headlines when Biden came out in support of the MLB All-Star Game boycott of Atlanta after Republicans in Georgia passed a voter ID law.

Earlier this year, comedian Bill Maher, who hosts HBO’s “Real Time,” hired Steele to be part of his podcast network. Steele said that though she and Maher have a lot of differences in opinion, she appreciated how they can sit down together and have real conversations.

“It’s a beautiful thing that Bill Maher saw this controversial conservative, former ESPN star and said, ‘No, no, no, I’m going to give her a shot, even though I completely feel differently about huge important issues in our country,’” Steele told Bickley in an interview for Morning Wire in March when discussing working with Maher. “I think it’s a win for everybody and I’m so honored.”

“Morning Wire” airs twice daily on The Daily Wire website and the DailyWire+ app.

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