FIND DAVID Urgent search launched after Brit tourist with Alzheimer’s goes missing on holiday with wife and friends in Barcelona

A BRITISH tourist with Alzheimer's has gone missing while on holiday with his wife and friends in Barcelona.

An urgent search has been launched for David Moore, 65, after he walked out of their hotel on Sunday morning and hasn't been seen since.

Brit tourist David disappeared on holiday with his wife
Brit tourist David disappeared on holiday with his wifeCredit: SWNS
David Moore, 65, suffers from Alzheimer's
David Moore, 65, suffers from Alzheimer'sCredit: SWNS
One of the posters put up in Barcelona to help track down David
One of the posters put up in Barcelona to help track down DavidCredit: SWNS

He mysteriously got out of bed and left the resort at 4:30am with no warning.

David was on holiday with wife Christine, 60, and two friends Donna McCarron-Flynn, 55, and Mark Flynn, 56.

Their trip is the couple's "last holiday" together after David was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2023, his friends say - the same year his son died.

His loved ones have been searching the streets "non stop" since David, who is severely disabled, was spotted walking towards the harbour by hotel staff.

And relatives back home in the UK have been ringing taxi firms to try and track him down.

Concerned residents and friends have printed out hundreds of flyers and are plastering them around the surrounding area.

Donna and Mark are meeting with local cops and the consulate in Barcelona today.

Donna, a church pastor, from Edinburgh, said: "David was unhappy and confused. He kept saying he wanted to get the bus home."He seems obsessed with getting the bus and forgetting he was in a different country.

"He is 6ft 2inch, he shuffles his feet as he walks and hunches his shoulders.

"He uses his hands to hold onto buildings as he walks along the street."

David was seen leaving the hotel wearing a thin navy zip up jacket, jeans, and grey trainers.

At 7:15am on Sunday, Donna and Mark woke up to a phone call from Christine who had gotten out of bed to find the hotel room door open and David missing.

Donna said her friend is "crushed" and "absolutely terrified" for her husband.

She said her husband Mark ran from the hotel room and searched for him for hours.

"We're close to the marina and he walked off in that direction," Donna explained.

"We have trailed the streets and door ways, we have handed out leaflets and walked along the beach talking to everyone."We have printed out hundreds of A4 flyers and posted them on lampposts and given them to taxi drivers.

"Christine is crushed, she is absolutely terrified, she is numb and unable to process anything at the minute."

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