LAURA INGRAHAM: The GOP is committing a slow suicide

Rep Mike Gallagher announced early exit for April 19, which would leave Republicans with temporary one-seat majority

Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Friday warned the shrinking Republican majority in the House of Representatives could hand the Democrats the gavel on "The Ingraham Angle."


LAURA INGRAHAM: This pains me to say this: Thanks, Mike [Gallagher]. Hope future Speaker Hakeem Jeffries sent you a nice fruit basket today. Now, how else are people supposed to interpret this move except a spiteful and maybe some kind of revenge play? 

Really? And they think Trump is the problem? At least he stays in the arena despite what they're doing to him. While Trump is the party's presumptive nominee, Gallagher, and I didn't even know this until today, would not even commit to attending the Republican National Convention that is happening in his home state. It's going to bring a huge amount of money to the state this summer. He claimed, there's a lot of things he needs to do. Give me a break. Well, since he quit I guess he's free now. Pulling a John Kasich, who also skipped the RNC in Cleveland in 2016, his home state. That was pathetic.

Now, I've been in Washington, and it's just depressing to report, but 30 years, I have never witnessed what I'm witnessing now, a party with a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, everything on the line in the country but committing a slow suicide. This is why conservatives call the GOP the stupid party, by the way.

Marjorie Taylor Greene files motion to vacate speaker as top Republican announces early exit

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