‘The View’ Host Laughs Off Biden’s Bite-Happy Dog: ‘What Did He See That Nobody Else Saw?’

Whoopi Goldberg laughed off the most recent report on President Joe Biden’s bite-happy German Shepherd, Commander, which the Secret Service has now cited in at least 24 separate instances involving bites.

Goldberg struggled to even read through the entire report without laughing about it and then immediately joked that perhaps the dog was reacting to something that people were unable to see.


“A Secret Service report was just released … about a Biden family member …” Goldberg began, clearly struggling not to laugh as she added, “… who’s caused a lot of controversy at the White House: their dog. His name is Commander. The report found that there were at least 24 incidents of him biting folks.”

“Well, it makes you wonder. What did he see that nobody else saw?” Goldberg continued, putting a photo of the dog on the screen behind the table.

The audience responded to the photo, prompting co-host Sara Haines to say, “You must have missed the 24-bite part of this story when you ‘awwwww.'”

“He’s like, ‘I know you got something in your pocket! I don’t know what it is, you can say it’s your hand,'” Goldberg continued in mocking tones. “‘Let me check!’ And he checked, and it was the guy’s hand.”

Co-host Joy Behar continued with the joke, asking whether it would be possible for Republicans to find a way to blame Commander’s behavior on Hunter Biden.

Haines cut in again, noting that often one bite incident was enough to force owners to have a dog put down. “How does it last 24 bites? Cause you have a lot of one-bite rules in states.”


Goldberg pivoted back to the photo of Commander, saying that he clearly looked like he was in charge and his appearance should be enough to make sure people backed off. Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed, saying, “Listen to his name, Commander.”

They then went through the list of former presidents and their dogs, after which Goldberg said that in today’s political climate, “If I was President Biden in the world that we’re living in, I’d have a dog that wasn’t playing too.”

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