THE SUN SAYS We MUST enable Ukraine to match Russia’s economy which has been retooled for war… or Putin will engulf his neighbour


Freedom costs

BRITAIN cannot be kept safe on the cheap.

Russia’s invasion two years ago today was apocalyptic for Ukraine — and a brutal wake-up call for us after decades of complacency.

Britain must pay its way to continue to supply Ukraine with weponry to fight back against Russia
Britain must pay its way to continue to supply Ukraine with weponry to fight back against RussiaCredit: Reuters

The Sun believes we must bolster our forces by rapidly hiking military spending to at least three per cent of GDP.

But the first line of our own defence against the imperialist tyrant Putin is currently manned by President Zelensky’s heroic resistance.

Many ordinary people here are sick of that war and the billions we continue to donate to Ukraine. We get that.

It is hard to justify during a cost of living crisis and with our services crumbling.

But we must keep it flowing. So must the EU. And so, crucially, must America — whose stalling over that aid is short-sighted madness.

Russia’s economy has been retooled for war and conquest. We MUST enable Ukraine to match it.

Otherwise Putin will finally engulf his neighbour — and train his sights on Nato territory.

The cost to the West then? Unimaginable.

She’ll be back

SADLY we have not seen the last of Shamima Begum.

We welcome the Appeal Court’s unanimous ruling that the Government ­lawfully excluded the IS bride and stripped her of UK citizenship.

It was always fanciful to portray her as a “victim”, given her gleeful enthusiasm for the merciless fanatics — and her sole real regret later being their defeat.

She “made a calculated decision to travel to Syria and align” with them, as the Lady Chief Justice said. But Begum may yet have her day in the Supreme Court. And her lawyers will also appeal to politicians on “moral” grounds.

Of course the moral case for protecting the public from a still dangerous fanatic, and showing others the severe consequences of treachery, should trump her sob story.

But that’s not how hand-wringing Labour frontbenchers have seen it in lobbying for her return.

A Starmer Government stuffed with liberal-lefties would never keep her out.

Feeble force

WE will never tolerate anti-Semitism, vows Rishi Sunak.

Then a mob projects a blatantly anti-Semitic slogan on to Parliament.

Anyone crossing the line from pro-Palestine protest into Jew-hatred should be arrested, says Home Secretary James Cleverly.

But there’s little chance of that. Tough talk is cheap if the cops you count on to enforce it don’t want to, or are too timid.

The feeble Met routinely lets down London and above all our Jewish community — now living in fear as sickening rallying-calls for their genocide go uninterrupted let alone unpunished.

Police are making a nonsense of the Tories’ robust edicts.

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