Disney+ ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Under Fire For ‘Dead-Naming’ Trans-Identifying Composer

The team behind Disney+ “Star Wars” spinoff “The Bad Batch” is under fire after a trans-identifying composer who contributed to the show was reportedly “dead-named” in the credits of the most recent episode.

The error was highlighted by an X account belonging to the “Daughters of Ferrix” podcast — which, according to the account bio, explores “‘Star Wars’ from a political, historical, and queer perspective.”

“The newest episode of #TheBadBatch deadnames trans composer Deana Kiner in the credits. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place, so it’s something that LFL or Disney need to fix NOW,” the podcast account posted on X along with a screenshot showing the composer listed as “Dean Kiner” rather than “Deana Kiner” in the credits.

“Was this done with malice? I thoroughly doubt it. But it is EXTREMELY careless, particularly because the previous three episodes, as released a week ago, didn’t carry the error. Someone f***ed up big,” the complaint continued, along with a screenshot from a previous episode showing Kiner’s first name as “Deana.”

The follow-up post tagged both “The Bad Batch” head writer and producer Jennifer Corbett and the official Disney+ Help account, demanding that someone look into the situation and resolve it.

“@JenniferCorbett @DisneyPlusHelp The new episode was excellent, and I’m a big fan of the show. But please, this is a huge error, and it should be rectified,” “Daughters of Ferrix” posted.

Corbett responded, saying that she was handling the issue: “We are working with Disney+ to correct this error ASAP on the affected platforms and to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

“Update from Jennifer Corbett, head writer and executive producer for the show! We’re very glad to hear this will be taken care of (please no one harass her or anything, she’s cool),” the podcast account gave an update.

“Daughters of Ferrix” also conceded after a time that the change seemed to be regional or platform-based, noting that some in the U.K. were seeing Kiner’s name listed as “Deana” while some in the U.S. still saw “Dean.”

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