‘You Can’t Have It All, But You Can Have What Matters’: Author Faith Moore Challenges ‘Girl Boss’ Culture In Debut Novel ‘Christmas Karol’

Author Faith Moore challenges the lies social media and the culture tell women about how they “can have it all” in her debut novel “A Christmas Karol” with DW Books. 

Moore, a freelance writer, editor, stay-at-home mom, and the daughter of Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan, references Charles Dickens’ famed story about Ebenezer Scrooge to tell the story of Karol who, in her attempt to strive for “excellence in both career and family life,” realizes that “something has to give.” Through a series of events, she comes to the realization that she’s been “shortchanging her children and family life” and that there really is “no later.”

In Moore’s book, the heroine ends up getting hurt on Christmas Eve leaving the office late and finds herself in a hospital filled with ghosts and memories long forgotten.

One quote from “A Christmas Karol” sums it up. “It suddenly hit her: There was no later. No time to come back to them [her children] when her work was done.”

“This moment–Annabel’s voice soaring up to the rafters in just this way–would only happen once,” it added. “And all the other moments she’d already missed would never come again. Her children were growing up. And she was missing it.”

In the end, Karol discovers the truth: “The uniquely rewarding relationship that women and children provide for each other is irreplaceable.” 

Critics called “A Christmas Karol” a “perennial Christmas classic,” “touching, funny,” and more.

“Faith Moore has written a new Christmas perennial,” Caitlin Flanagan with The Atlantic wrote. “Set during the beauty and excitement of a New York Christmas Eve, we follow the progress of one woman who’s missing out on her own life, and doesn’t even know it.”

“With the same mixture of intrigue, magic and menace that marked Charles Dickens’ famous story, we feel the weight of the unbearable question before Karol does: Is it too late?” she added.

The acclaimed author of “A Most English Princess,” Clare McHugh, extols it as “touching, funny, and remarkably deft.”

“Faith Moore’s ‘Christmas Karol’ is so much more than a homage,” McHugh wrote. “By casting a hard-driving Manhattan female lawyer for the starring role, Moore broadens and deepens the familiar story’s scope. Karol discovers what it means to be a good mother, wife, sister and friend.”

“Moore’s knowing touches—the clever twists on the original Dickensonian details—will keep readers intrigued and amused from start to finish,” she added. “And the spirit of Christmas emerges in the final pages refreshed and renewed. A terrific accomplishment!”

“Christmas Karol” is available for preorder now with a release date of November 7, 2023.

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