‘Utter Contempt For Democracy’: Tulsi Gabbard Destroys Her Former Party Over Trump Prosecution

Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who recently split with the Democratic Party, unloaded on her former colleagues over the persistent prosecutions of former President Donald Trump.

Gabbard shared a brief video via X, arguing that the prosecutions amounted to a concerted effort — on the parts of both President Joe Biden specifically and the Democratic Party in general — to keep Trump busy and distracted because they were afraid he could potentially win in 2024.

“The political prosecution of Trump is an obvious attempt by Biden/Dem elite to drain Trump’s attention and resources,” Gabbard captioned the clip. “Their actions expose their utter contempt for democracy and the rule of law — and makes laughable all of their verbiage about ‘protecting democracies around the world.'”

Anyone who’s looking at what’s happening with clear eyes and an open mind can recognize how overtly they are trying to keep President Trump off of the campaign trail, to keep him away from being able to make his case to voters in this country of why they should elect him as President and Commander in Chief once again,” she said.“They’re afraid that he actually could win, which is why they’re committing this such egregious abuse of power that cuts so much deeper than just going after President Trump,” she continued. “What they’re really doing is setting this precedent that puts the United States of America not on a high platform of trying to be an example of democracy to the world, but of reducing our great country to none other than a banana republic and an abuse of power that we see happening in other countries around the world.”

Gabbard has been openly critical of President Joe Biden — and other members of her former party — for adopting policies and strategies that fly in the face of constitutional principles like free speech and expression and attempt to use the power of government to punish their political opposition.

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