Ukraine destroyed Russian air defense system near Yevpatoriya in annexed Crimea, security source says

Ukraine destroyed a Russian air defense system near the town of Yevpatoriya in annexed Crimea in an overnight attack, according to a Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) source. 

"Last night, Ukrainian Security Service’s military counterintelligence together with the Ukrainian Navy conducted a unique special operation near Yevpatoriya," the source said Thursday.

The source said that Ukraine used Neptune cruise missiles and drones to destroy Triumph, a Russian air defense complex.

"First, the complex’s radars and antennas were hit with UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles]. After the radio-location stations were disabled, the Navy used two Neptune cruise missiles to hit S300/400 Triumph launching complexes," the source said. 

Other operations in Crimea are also being developed, the source said.

Crimea strikes increasing: Ukraine has launched several strikes on Russian naval vessels and bases in the occupied Crimean peninsula in recent weeks.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said Russian air defenses shot down 11 Ukrainian drones over Crimea early Thursday morning. The Kerch Bridge was also closed to traffic early Thursday, according to local authorities.

Ukraine also damaged two Russian warships in a strike on a Russian ship repair base in Sevastopol early Wednesday morning.

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