'TERRORIST' IN COURT Daniel Khalife ‘used bedsheets to tie himself to van to escape HMP Wandsworth before going on the run for 4 days

ESCAPED prisoner Daniel Khalife may have used his bedsheets to strap himself to a food delivery truck and flee jail, a court heard.

The 21-year-old is accused of leading cops on a four-day manhunt after he bolted from the South London jail on Wednesday

Daniel Khalife was arrested on Saturday after a four-day manhunt

A secure van carrying Khalife is driven into Westminster Magistrates' Court today


He was detained 12 miles away from Wandsworth prison

Khalife was arrested on a canal towpath in Northolt, West London, on Saturday morning - 12 miles away from the prison.

He appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court charged with escaping from custody.

The court was told Khalife strapped himself to the underside of a food delivery vehicle using a material "which may have been from bed sheets".

Prosecutor Thomas Williams said he is accused of "using the strap to support himself to escape".

Khalife was remanded into custody to next appear at the Old Bailey on September 29.

He was detained at around 10.41am on Saturday after being pulled off a bike by a plain-clothed counter-terrorism officer.

He had a sleeping bag, change of clothes, bottle of water and a Waitrose cool bag which appeared to contain food.

His arrest brought an end to a 75-hour manhunt involving more than 150 anti-terror cops.

The former soldier was being held in Wandsworth while awaiting trial in November for alleged terrorism offences.

Khalife, who was attached to the Royal Signal Corps before being discharged, is accused of leaving fake bombs at an RAF base in January.

He vanished for more than three weeks after the bomb hoax before being arrested on January 26.

Another charge, under the Official Secrets Act, alleges Khalife collected personal information about soldiers from an MoD computer system that could be useful to an enemy.

Khalife allegedly fled the jail on Wednesday

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