Sinkhole, 50 feet wide, forms in same Florida area as 75-foot sinkhole months earlier

Sinkhole reported Friday, expected to be filled Saturday

Florida emergency management officials were called to a large sinkhole in the same area where one opened three months ago.

Neighbors told a FOX 13 Tampa Bay reporter they were thankful the latest sinkhole is smaller than the one that opened in June. 

Polk County officials told the TV station this latest sinkhole off Scott Lake Road and Aiden Lane is 50 feet wide and 12 feet deep on private property. The sinkhole did not pose a threat to the county roadway or homes. 

The initial sinkhole in the area was reportedly 75 feet wide. It opened along Scott Lake Road, just south of Fitzgerald Road in southern Lakeland. At the time, officials believed it could be related to a well drilled at the site. It was filled and is no longer visible due to vegetation growth, The Ledger of Lakeland reported. 


The smaller of the two sinkholes was reported Friday and expected to be filled with dirt Saturday by contractors who own the land. 

Both sinkhole locations are on property owned by Acres at Scott Lake LLC, a company owned by Lakeland residents Debra and Joseph Kedzuf, according to state records obtained by The Ledger. Documents submitted to the county say plans for the roughly 10-acre property include a six-home subdivision. 

One resident told the newspaper she does not think there should be construction in that area. 

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