Mike Pence Brushes Off Heckler’s Profane Rant: ‘Put Him Down As A Maybe’

GOP presidential hopeful Mike Pence was clearly unperturbed by a heckler’s interruption during a campaign stop in Decorah, Iowa, on Tuesday, ahead of a scheduled town hall event.

The former vice president was speaking with Iowa voters when the heckler, a man with a full beard, shouted, “You need to get the f*** out of our country and get the f*** out of Iowa!”


Several people pointed toward the exit and one escorted the heckler on his way, but Pence appeared unruffled by the entire affair.

“I’m going to put him down as a ‘maybe,'” the former vice president deadpanned, prompting laughter around the room. He then went right back to his previous conversation as if nothing had happened.

Pence, like many of his GOP competitors, has spent a fair amount of time campaigning around the state of Iowa — and he is scheduled to appear at a town hall event on Wednesday that will be hosted by NewsNation’s chief Washington correspondent Leland Vittert. The event is set to include a live studio audience and a remote audience of Iowa voters.

Despite an apparent struggle to keep his poll numbers moving in a more positive direction, Pence has qualified to appear in the second GOP primary debate on September 27. Fox Business Network will host the event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute in Simi Valley, California.

Pence’s ex-boss, former President Donald Trump, is leading the polls but has thus far refused to sign the Republican National Committee’s required loyalty pledge — and has declared that he does not intend to participate in the debates.

The September 27 debate stage, at the time of publication, was also set to include Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), former Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC), former Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), and biotech investor Vivek Ramaswamy.

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