MAKING A SPLASH Katie Price defended by fans after she’s cruelly mum shamed over video of kids playing in paddling pool

 KATIE Price’s fans rushed to defend her after she was inundated with cruel comments on her latest video.

The 45-year-old shared a clip of Bunny and Jett – her children with Kieran Hayler – splashing around in a paddling pool in the hot weather.

Katie Price shared a video of her kids playing in the paddling pool

Katie was once again trolled over the video

But lots of followers had complaints about it, with one person commenting: “Makes a change, you usually drag them to the nail bar.”

A second said: “Shame their Daddy can’t indulge in the happiness but KP is too selfish to allow that !!”

While a third said: “Sum her up in one word....degenerate!!!”

Katie's fans defended her though, with one person hitting back: “Why do people always have to have nasty digs at Katie read her mums book and maybe you will understand Katie give her a break or don’t look at what she puts on here.”

And another added: “Do people literally follow her just to be nasty? And post mean comments? I mean why would you invest time like that, scroll on and be happy!”

Others questioned why Katie isn’t using her real pool – forgetting she moved out of the Mucky Mansion some time ago.

She is currently living in a rented property in Essex with car salesman Carl Woods.

The Mucky Mansion is being rented for £6k a month, but Katie has said she plans to move back there.

Katie often comes under fire about her children

Katie is a mum of five - pictured here with Bunny and Princess

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