Father of 3 witnesses his village reduced to rubble

Ibrahim Goodman with one of his sons.
Ibrahim Goodman with one of his sons. Ivana Kottasová/CNN

Ibrahim Goodman has lived in his village near the Moroccan town of Asni his whole life. He grew up here and now has three children.

That village, his home, is now mostly rubble. At least 20 people died there in Friday's devastating earthquake, authorities say.

The first aid — some tents, and food and water — arrived in the village on Sunday, some 36 hours after the earthquake hit late on Friday night.

But at least they got something, Goodman told CNN. “For now, we are OK,” he said.

There are villages further up where the help still can’t get to. The roads are blocked. They are clearing them now,” he said.

His 6-year-old son Mohamed has just started first grade. The first day of school was just two days before the disaster struck.

Goodman is not optimistic about when Mohamed might be able to get back to classes.

“It will depend on the government. There is no help now. I don’t know — it will take long time,” he said.

Most of the houses in the village are completely uninhabitable. Many have collapsed, and the ones that are still standing are dangerously unstable. Some of the buildings look like they have unfolded, with entire walls missing, exposing the remnants of the inside.

The villagers are staying away from the buildings, afraid they could crumble at any time. There is no water at the moment, as the pipes have been damaged.

We are just waiting. There’s nothing else we can do,” Goodman said

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