California Mayor Spanked By Drag Queen At Democratic Fundraiser

A California mayor is facing backlash after he was filmed being spanked by a drag queen with a paddle at a Democratic fundraising event.

The mayor of Burbank, Konstantine Anthony, was filmed bent over a table and laughing as drag queen Foxxy Roxywood hit his rear end with a paddle at the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats’ Drag Queen Bingo event on Saturday.

The video was originally posted to Instagram by the Wisenuts Podcast and went viral on social media after Libs of TikTok posted the video on X on Sunday.

A poster for the drag queen bingo said the event stated that the fundraiser was for those 15 and up but was “not suitable for children.” Libs of TikTok claimed there were children at the event.

“Actually, there weren’t any children at this private 21+ event,” Anthony responded in a post on X under Libs of TikTok’s tweet.

“But of course lying is totally on brand for you,” the mayor added.

“So why does the advertisement say 15+?” Libs of TikTok asked.

The mayor responded again that despite the advertising, no minors actually showed up at the event.

“But you weren’t there, so you wouldn’t know. Easier to speculate and lie, right?” Anthony posted.

“You lied and you were caught. You lost all credibility. Hope the spanking was worth it bro,” Libs of TikTok responded again.

“No children were in attendance,” Anthony told Fox News. “All attendees were over 21 years of age.”

The mayor also commented “Jealous?” on the original Instagram video post.

Anthony is a newlywed who married his wife in July. The two share a young son.

Besides serving as Burbank’s mayor, Anthony is a former improv comedian and actor who is currently running for Los Angeles County supervisor.

The fundraiser was to raise money for Democratic California state senate hopeful Kipp Mueller.

In July, Anthony appeared to downplay graphic sexual content in a controversial book available in some public school libraries.

During Anthony’s July 10 appearance on the WiseNuts podcast, a woman who called into the podcast asked Anthony whether he had read the sexually explicit graphic novel “Gender Queer.” Anthony responded that he had in fact read it.

“Gender Queer” includes pornographic cartoon illustrations of sex between two males with a sex toy, as well as oral sex, masturbation, and other sexually explicit content.

“You don’t find that to be sexualized?” the woman caller asked Anthony.

“No,” Anthony responded. “It’s not graphic. Come on.”

“I’m happy to send you screenshots,” the woman said.

“I’ve seen the screenshots,” Anthony responded, adding, “It’s not porn, oh my God.”

When the podcast hosts and the caller pressed him on whether “Gender Queer” is appropriate for children, Anthony said it is “appropriate for certain ages” but eventually clarified that he was “not okay with” the book for middle schoolers.

“Look, you can’t start banning books,” Anthony said.

In recent years, curriculum content in public schools has become a hot button issue, with parents showing up to school board meetings to express their disapproval of books like “Gender Queer” being available to their children.

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  1. What wholesome fun! Next up, sodomy and fellatio for the kiddies in the face painting booth.


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