Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, Disney is through... and we won't let it destroy our kids any more

We've gone from Disney's family-friendly entertainment to a progressive company that wants to destroy our childrens' innocence and take away fun

Disney has quickly spiraled from fantasy and fairytales to woke magical mind games meant to confuse our kids, destroy their innocence and suck the fun out of everything — including our kids’ imaginations.

They’re clearly not creative enough to make original movies that meet all their new self-imposed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) quotas, so instead they’ve decided to take a wrecking ball to the classic movies many of us and our kids grew up watching, and rewriting them so the politically correct princess gets a refund for her fairytale. 

Their latest victim, the new but definitely not improved Snow White, is set to be released next year. Mirror, mirror on the wall, the anti-fairytale equity czar didn’t think this one through at all. 


Snow White is not … White, even though that’s literally her name, not to mention the title of the movie. The DEI bosses have chosen a Latina — or is it Latinx, I can never remember the rules — to play the 2024 politically correct Snow White. 

 Disney ripped for removing Snow White's dwarves: 'Little people should have the choice for a role'Video

Did I mention that Rachel Zegler, the actress who plays Snow White also hates Snow White? Her publicity people might want to remind her she’s supposed to be promoting the movie. 

Zegler said, "I mean, you know, the original cartoon came out in 1937 and very evidently so. There’s a big focus on her love story with a guy who literally stalks her…So we didn’t do that this time."

Oh, those 1930s were so backward, thank goodness we have 22-year-old Gen Zs like Zegler to enlighten us. Perhaps she should go back and watch the original movie and look up the definition of stalking. 

According to Zegler, Snow White 2.0 is not about a love story and that’s "really, really wonderful."


placeholderYes, wonderful. We can likely look forward to another modern feminist plot that emasculates men in an attempt to prove our female cred.

I hope I’m wrong but this overused, recycled storyline of moron men and the women who suffer their existence seems to be what passes for entertainment these days. 

Two thumbs down.

Disney accused of going woke in casting new ‘Snow White’Video

I’m aware it’s 2023. Women are strong, we're leaders, and we’re forces with which to be reckoned. 

But if we’re teaching our daughters to disrespect and tear down the opposite sex to build themselves up on their way to the top, then we’re also teaching them to sacrifice their integrity and character. 

That’s not a lesson I want to teach my girls.

Gal Gadot and Rachel Zegler promote Snow White

Critics are already bashing Disney's forthcoming "Snow White" remake based on comments made by its stars Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot. (The Walt Disney Company via Getty Images)

Speaking of Snow White, remember the seven dwarfs? Forget them, because you won’t be seeing most of them again. 

In this version, only one dwarf hangs around. Though there are no spoilers as to which one, I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s not dopey. 

Filling in for six dwarfs are a diverse group of grown men who follow Snow White around.

That’s not creepy at all. But rest assured Disney’s HR department has all its DEI boxes checked.


Meanwhile, when Disney ruined — I mean remade — "The Little Mermaid" earlier this year, characters’ genders and races were switched, an environmental agenda was pushed by King Triton, and they changed the lyrics to songs including "Kiss the Girl," so Eric would have to ask permission to kiss Ariel. Even though in the original movie she nearly fell off the boat sticking her lips in his face. FYI, post #metoo non-verbal cues are still OK. Women aren’t Neanderthals.

Melissa McCarthy, the actress who played the sea witch also bragged that her performance was influenced by drag queens, saying "I just hope to do every incredible drag queen proud." If you’re thinking you didn’t know drag queens were the target audience for The Little Mermaid — they’re not.

That would be our kids. Drag queens are just a vehicle. 

'The View' explodes over criticism of drag queens: They 'don't even like children!'Video


There’s a new study from the University of California that says thin Disney princesses are damaging to girls’ self esteem because woke liberals, aided and abetted by stupid smart people, won’t stop until they’ve ruined absolutely everything.

Someone must have thought up a new box to add to the DEI form. 

I’d love to know who the parents are who these elitists polled. I suspect it was their colleagues down the hall. 

If we want to have a discussion about teen girls and body image, let’s talk about the virtual plastic surgery via airbrush-perfecting filters on nearly every social media platform. That’s a legitimate conversation worthy of unpacking.

As a mom of teen girls, I can tell you no girl I know is insta-filtering, hoping for a booty like Ariel or cheekbones like Snow White.

placeholderWebster defines "fairytale" as: "a story in which improbable events lead to a happy ending."

As kids grow up their brains develop and they begin to separate out "improbable events." About the time our daughters hang up their princess costumes for the last time they understand the improbability of magic carpets flying, mermaids existing and growing legs or a prince kissing you back from the dead.

What was Disney thinking?: Peachy KeenanVideo

And it won’t be too long before she’ll figure out that if you lose your slipper at midnight — you’re drunk.

The only thing left to imagine from the most magical place on Earth is the next way they’ll dream up to confuse our kids and kill their imaginations.

When Disney fires a blowtorch through its fairytales it’s for the sole purpose of planting subtle — and not-so-subtle — messages in the minds of our kids, whose brains aren’t fully developed. 

The result: Disney is losing. To date they’ve lost $900 million and counting at the box office and seen attendance at their theme parks plummet this year. Still they persist because if they can gain control of our kids they’ve won — even if they lose. 

And that’s the point. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo the magic of Disney is through. 

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