A seaport, a hotel and granaries were damaged in Russia's "massive" attack on Odesa

A member of Odesa Regional Prosecutor's Office personnel inspects damage following a Russian military attack in Odesa, Ukraine, in this image released on September 25.

A hotel and seaport sustained "significant damage" in a missile barrage on the Ukrainian port city of Odesa overnight, according to the country's prosecutor general's office.

The attack by Russia injured at least one person, though casualty information is still being clarified as the debris is cleared, authorities said Monday.

Russian forces employed Iranian-made drones, hypersonic missiles, cruise missiles and a submarine in the assault, Ukraines defense forces said. Nineteen drones and 11 missiles were shot down.

The debris from the downed weapons damaged some warehouses and private homes. Blast waves shattered the windows of several residences, wounding a civilian woman -- the lone casualty so far reported -- the defense forces said.

The granaries were damaged in the hypersonic missile strike.

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