ULRIKA JONSSON Amir Khan’s wife Faryal must blame him for dragging their marriage through the mud and NOT the other women

FARYAL MAKHDOOM must be exhausted.

The wife of ex-boxer Amir Khan has spent much of the past decade throwing jabs, crosses and rear hooks at rumours and allegations surrounding her hubby and other women.

More allegations against Amir Khan have prompted wife Faryal Makhdoom to lash out

More allegations against Amir Khan have prompted wife Faryal Makhdoom to lash out

Faryal allegedly threatened to slit her love rival’s throat

Faryal allegedly threatened to slit her love rival’s throat

It’s been blow after blow of accusations of flings, sexting, threesomes and online sex chats pretty much since the start of their relationship — and we’ve all had ringside seats.

Only a few weeks ago, with yet another accusation surfacing about her hubby inappropriately bobbing and weaving with an unnamed woman, Faryal went in with a a big right-hander and allegedly threatened to slit her love rival’s throat — and in a phone call told her she hoped she would die of cancer.

Oh, Faryal. What are you doing, woman? Explain to me what part of your husband’s inability to go the distance with you and dedicate himself to your marriage without stepping outside the ring of fidelity makes you attack the other challengers?

I have never, and will never, be able to get my head around women blaming other women when it is clearly the man who needs a metaphoric left hook, a time out or even a disqualification?

In whose right mind is it a stranger’s fault that your partner, and father to your children, struggles to keep his mind on you and his pecker in his shorts?

I’m sure Faryal’s supposed threats were not literal. They were an outburst of frustration and anger — jealousy, perhaps.

They were also excessive. they were embarrassing and a sign that she refuses to accept Amir’s shortcomings and failings.

It may sound harsh but maybe she needs to consider that he’s just not that into her?

Sadly, the red flags were there from the start — rumours of flings even while they were engaged.

It’s not that someone can’t be or shouldn’t be forgiven an infidelity or a flirt.

But if it keeps happening and a pattern starts to emerge, you need to take note.

No amount of staying together for the sake of the children will ever save a marriage.

Faryal’s reaction reminds me so much of a certain Nancy Dell’Olio.

Remember her? She was supposedly in a relationship with forner England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson.

Nancy Dell’Olio blamed me over the Sven-Goran Eriksson saga

Nancy Dell’Olio blamed me over the Sven-Goran Eriksson saga

When it emerged that I’d had a bit of slap and tickle with the wee man, she lashed out at me.

So, despite the fact I wasn’t cheating on anyone, but her supposed boyfriend was, she chose to blame me.

That’s the sisterhood alive and kicking for you, right there.

It’s as if some women refuse to accept someone would have the audacity to cheat on them.

It’s as if they’re marking their territory, and protecting their belongings.

And yet, despite marriage, or countless years together, no one belongs to anyone. We are all our own people.

Amir does admit to sexting. He says when you get “bored”, you make mistakes.

But he claims he has respect for his wife and, as if to add insult to infidelity, he says he doesn’t really see it as cheating.

Yet another person in their marriage refusing to face up to the realities of a broken relationship.

Amir’s solution was to go out and buy her a big bouquet of red roses and a £130,000 Mercedes G Wagon. That’ll do it, mate.

He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but surely even he must know the referee has started counting him out.

I’m not suggesting that Faryal should have to remain dignified while her name and marriage are being dragged through the mud by a weak husband.

But taking out her anger and frustration on women who he can’t resist is delivering low blows.

No one likes rejection, no one wants to feel that they’re not enough for someone.

But laying the blame on a third party is laying the blame in the wrong corner. And it’s definitely not sisterly.

Faryal is said to be an influencer. Her influence, hitherto, has not been a positive one.

And her frustration is palpable and it’s understandable.

But she must know that lowering herself to blame another woman, yet not the man responsible, will never change things.

Give Paloma a break and be glad she's so normal

PALOMA FAITH has got in some hot water by daring to post a picture of herself in what is known as a “Holy Trinity” bikini.

It says “Father” and “Son” on each of her boobaloobas, and “Holy Spirit” on the bottoms covering her undercarriage.

Paloma Faith's bikini has caused offence but it is just a bit of fun

Paloma Faith's bikini has caused offence but it is just a bit of funI

 think it’s cute. I think it’s funny. But then I’m not a hardcore Christian. They’re up in arms about it.

They’re offended, calling it “tacky” and “disrespectful” and accusing the singer of being blasphemous.

I do wish people would stop getting their knickers in a twist. It’s a bikini.

If she wasn’t wearing one, someone else would be offended.

And as she’s now separated from her second husband, I suspect that will be highly offensive to some as well.

Instead, wouldn’t it be nice if people took notice of what she wrote alongside that social media post.

It was about how hard she found her holiday as a single mum, how stressed she felt, how she must learn that some things can just wait and ultimately how blessed she feels. (Ironic choice of word in the circumstances.)

Nonetheless, I think this proves she seems like a well-adjusted, normal, empathetic, sentient being.

But then I guess there’s a whole lot of people who will be appalled by that, too.

PSYCHOLOGY is now the second most popular A level choice in the UK.

In my day, of course, you didn’t have a choice of fancy schwanzy subjects – it was just the basics.

But I’m hugely encouraged by this. I’ve always, always had a fascination for this subject and one day I will make time to study for a degree.

Having said all that, I have, of course, already got a degree in psychology on account of attending the University of Life and having had to endure the madness of others for many years.

But it would be amazing if, in some roundabout way, all kids could study some taster version of the subject during their time at school to help them understand themselves and others.

Psychology has been seen as a bit of a soft subject – one for the girls.

Today, however, I suspect its popularity is down to the more open narrative about mental health.

Not to mention the self-help videos people have access to on social media, which are influencing people to understand and take control.

I bet all this has piqued people’s interest, which is no bad thing.

Who wouldn’t want to understand how and why we behave the way we do.

Thomas, you're twin trouble

CHEEKY chappy Thomas Skinner – that bloke off The Apprentice with his “bosh” catchphrase – has welcomed twin girls with his wife.

They already have two-year-old son Henry, so that is three kids under three.

Thomas Skinner insists parenting twins is 'just changing nappies'

Thomas Skinner insists parenting twins is 'just changing nappies'

Despite his partner Sinead nearly dying during the emergency C-section, Thomas says they want one more child.

That must be a truly heart-warming prospect for his wife as she recovers from a major op and has two newborns and a toddler running around biting her ankles.

It’s OK though, apparently, because Thomas says that two more kids really isn’t that difficult – “it’s just changing more nappies”. (I’m guessing he ended that sentence with a “BOSH!”).

Which is not just a damning indictment of his parenting, but surely the best insight we could have of the work balance in that household.

If a dad thinks it’s just about nappy-changing, I can only deduce he isn’t that hands-on.

There are dads out there who really dedicate themselves to the task at hand, getting up in the night, helping with feeds where possible, washing and cleaning and ensuring mum gets as much rest as possible.

They’re not “wonderful” or “great” because, quite frankly, they’re doing what they should be.

No one calls mums “wonderful” for doing all of the above and more.

Reducing baby rearing to nappy changes alone diminishes how hard it really is.

It’s demeaning to mothers and shows a lack of understanding and empathy.

Thomas seems like a nice guy, but falls back on reductive, dismissive chat that perpetuates the myth that men only need to play a minor role.

A few home truths

WHO doesn’t like a transformation show?

I love a good makeover. I’m very partial to DIY SOS because it has me in tears every time.

Peter Chapman claims BBC's DIY SOS ended up making his home worse

Peter Chapman claims BBC's DIY SOS ended up making his home worse

Local volunteers and tradesmen giving their services for free to change people’s homes and lives for the better.

But Peter Chapman has been in tears for completely different reasons.

The show came to make life-changing alterations to his home as he is a full-time carer for his wife and daughter. But it allegedly left him with a nightmare.

He says it’s wrecked his life. Much of the work was not, according to Peter, completed properly and he’s been in dispute with the BBC for the past three years.

He’s rejected an offer of compensation and been left with stress. If it is how he says, I feel for him.

When watching these kinds of programmes, I always think it’s a poignant reminder of why, in the real world and in real time, it takes builders, carpenters and plasterers weeks or even months to complete major construction jobs.

As homeowners all we can do is hope for the best and a successful completion.

Peter says he’s had a driveway that has sunk, cracks in walls, a slippery hard floor, lack of insulation and a gap under his gate that allowed his dog to escape.

As someone who has undertaken countless renovations I hope he gets it sorted, because I understand the distress.

In truth it sounds like the end result of many new-build homes of today.

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