Texas Gov. Abbott to Australian woman complaining about 'too many American flags': 'Go back to Australia'

In other videos, the TikTok user also complained about American supermarkets and the Midwest, because of the weather

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday told an Australian woman complaining about "too many American flags" to go back to her country in response to a video of her posted to social media. 

TikTok user Mia Chloe, who goes by the username @meanderwithmia, often posts about "Traveling the world on a budget & no brain cells," according to her account page. In a video posted several days ago, she called out the abundance of American flags she observed in her travels to the United States. 

"I'm just going to say it. There are too many American flags. They're on houses. They're on cars. Some are on couch cushions," she said. "You're the only country that I know that does this."


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told an Australian TikTok user to go back home after she made a video complaining about the number of U.S. flags she saw during her travels across the country.  (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Abbott, responding to the video of the rant on Twitter, wrote "Go back to Australia," along with eight American flag emojis. Chloe said she had only ever seen an Australian flag on the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

"Could not tell you what it looks like," she said. "I know it's blue and it's got some stars on it but I think I could draw the American flag from memory."

"I think I could make a bloody sculpture out of it," she added. "That's how many times I've seen it. It's enough. Let's pull back on it, OK. Let's stay humble."

In other videos, she is heard complaining about American supermarkets, which she called "a trap." She noted she went inside a Walmart and wound up shopping for four hours but only purchased three items. 

In another, she apologized to anyone who lives in the Midwest, calling Kansas "unlivable" because of the weather. 

American flags flying outside homes

American flags flying outside two homes in a typical neighborhood. (Getty Images

"I'm currently in Kansas," she posted in an Aug. 4 video. "Even though it's blue skies right now. Give it an hour and it's going to be thunder storming, there's going to be lighting. You're going to get stuck in a f****** hail shower."

Fox News Digital has reached out to Chloe. 

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