RINGING THE CHANGE Britney Spears spotted without wedding ring just hours after husband Sam Asghari files for shock divorce

BRITNEY Spears has been spotted without her bling wedding ring just hours after husband Sam Asghari filed for divorce.

The model, 29, has split from the Baby One More Time popstar, 41, after just a year of marriage - amid bombshell "cheating claims."

Britney Spears was spotted without her wedding ring as she drove her car in the wake of her marriage breakdown

Britney and husband Sam Asghari have split after just a year of marriage

Her left hand was at the top of the wheel with the wedding band clearly absent

He also listed their date of separation as July 28, 2023.

Sources have accused Britney of cheating on Sam, though she has not addressed the buzz to confirm or deny it.

An insider told ET Online earlier on Wednesday: "Britney and Sam have split. She's adamant she didn't cheat. The two haven't got along for a while and it finally came to an end after a major blowup."

News broke earlier on Wednesday that the couple had decided to split 14 months after they tied the knot at a stunning Los Angeles ceremony.

Now Britney has been spotted without her wedding ring as she ran errands in her white Mercedes.

The chart-topper looked serious as she sat behind the wheel and made her way down the road.

Deep in thought, she was fully focussed on her driving despite her personal drama.

She wore her blonde hair in a straight style - yet most obvious was the lack of ring on her wedding finger as she held the top of the steering wheel with her left hand.

The pair tied the knot on June 9, 2022 – just over a year prior to the filing.

The reason for their impending divorce has yet to be revealed but rumors are circulating that infidelity played a role.

Sam cited "irreconcilable differences" as his reason for ending the relationship, according to TMZ.

Neither Britney nor Sam has publicly addressed their breakup.

The couple was last seen together on a trip to Cabo, Mexico during which they each appeared unhappy.


The Louisiana native resurfaced on Instagram late Wednesday night after a two-day hiatus to share an odd post.

She posted a pic of her riding a horse on a beach, writing in the caption: "Buying a horse soon!!! So many options it's kind hard!!!

"A horse called Sophie and another called Roar??? I can't make up my mind!!!"

Britney went on: "Should I join the camaraderie and put a pink cowboy had on??? Either way I think I found my sweet spot with Roar!!!"

Rumors had been swirling for weeks prior to the split news with eagle-eyed fans spotting "clues" all over social media that the Circus singer and her Black Monday actor beau had called it quits.


While the filing is fresh, it looks like Britney and Sam's divorce may get ugly.

TMZ reported that Sam is asking for spousal support from Britney and asking that she cover his attorney's fees.

His lawyer, Neal Hersh, has suggested that Sam may contest his and Britney's current prenup.

The document maintains Britney's assets as separate property, not marital assets.

His recent divorce filing, however, states: "[Sam] has yet to determine the full nature and extent of the separate property and assets and obligations of each party."

It also says: "There are various items of community and quasi-community assets and debts, the full nature and extent of which are unknown to [Sam] at this time."

The actor is said to be seeking a massive payout from the award-winning musician, according to Page Six.

A source told the outlet that Sam is "attempting to negotiate concessions beyond his prenup and threatening to go public with extraordinarily embarrassing information about Britney unless he gets paid."

They added: "So that's what Sam is focused on."

Britney has retained high-power attorney Laura Wasser, according to Variety.

She will also continue working with Mathew Rosengart – her powerhouse lawyer, known for getting her out of her conservatorship.

Sam and Britney signed a prenup leading up to their wedding.

Sam filed the divorce papers amid bombshell cheating claims regarding the chart-topper

The singer remained focused on the task in hand as she drove her Mercedes car around the streets

The pair tied the knot last year

Britney is seen with her dazzling wedding band in happier times last year

Britney Spears was spotted without her wedding ring as she drove her car in the wake of her marriage breakdown

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