Maui Humane Society asking for emergency donations, fosters during wildfires: How to help

Already over capacity, the Maui Humane Society has issued a desperate plea for help as fires continue to ravage the Hawaiian island.

The animal shelter in Puunene, on the island of Maui, is currently looking for emergency fosters, donations and other help. The fires first began Tuesday, and have since grown and spread in destruction, with at least 36 people dead, hundreds of evacuations, structures destroyed and thousands left without power.

The animals at the Maui Humane Society are safe, according to the shelter, but it says that thousands of animals and humans have been displaced.

In a press release, the shelter said it is expecting an influx of animals who have been burned, lost during the evacuations or in critical condition due to smoke inhalation.

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The shelter has posted multiple times on social media since the fires began. Here are its most urgent requests for help:

  • SOS dog fosters: The shelter is looking for people to come into the shelter and temporarily foster an animal.
  • Donations: Dry and wet pet food, pop-up kennels, treats and litter. The humane society will accept donations to be delivered directly or through its Amazon Wishlist.
  • Communication: Maui Fires Pet Help Group, a mutual help Facebook has been created. The shelter encourages community members to join the group and communicate with follow residents to ensure animals stay with their owners, if possible.
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