LAURA INGRAHAM: Democrats don't care about the migrants or working-class Americans

Ingraham skewers 'NIMBY' - 'Not In My Back Yard' - liberals for their hypocrisy on migrants

 Liberals like illegals as long as they're nannying their kids and mowing their lawns. But they don't want their own lives inconvenienced or their own landscape to be obscured by the turbines when in case of environmentalism. They don't want to have to deal with any unpleasant political fallout. This all reminds me of the lockdowns, of course, that the liberals instituted during COVID. They'd love to bring them back if they could, by the way, but they love keeping the little people at home. 


They love chasing them off the beach, but they don't want it to cramp their social life or their beauty parlor appointments. No, no, no. But what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If an open border is what states like Massachusetts support, which they did when they voted overwhelmingly for Biden, then Massachusetts should be happy to be forced to live with the consequences of that policy.  

Now, we saw how the liberal bleeding hearts on Martha's Vineyard reacted when a mere 50 migrants arrived in town there, which of course, is also the Obama’s summer playground, after they staged a few photo ops of middle-aged island residents handing out sandwiches and hugging the migrants. Well, those migrants were all summarily shipped off island. The compassion meter in Edgartown stalled out at about 48 hours.  

Look, ever since the late nineties, (1996, I think was my first report on the border under Clinton) I've known this was a problem and some Democrats even did care about the issue back then. But over time it became clear that they do not give a rat's you-know-what about either the migrants themselves or the working class Americans hurt by their flooding into the country. And the Democrats still don't care.  

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