‘How Effing Irresponsible Is This?’: Tennis Legend Destroys Trans Activist Slamming Riley Gaines

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova destroyed a transgender activist who attacked former swimming champion Riley Gaines after she recalled how uncomfortable she was changing in the locker room with trans-identifying male swimmer Lia Thomas.

The 66-year-old former tennis star took to Twitter on Monday responded to a person who mocked the former swimmer after she said during Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast she’s “managed to refrain from looking at the genitals of every single person I’ve ever been in a changing room with” when asked to describe Thomas’ genitals. Gaines was deprived of receiving an NCAA award at a meet by the trans-identifying male swimmer.

“Well, good for you,” Navratilova tweeted. “Tell that to the 10 year old girl in the locker room too — just don’t look there and hopefully that person won’t look at you either…”

“How effing irresponsible is this?” she added, noting what’s happening with young girls being subjected to having to change in women locker rooms with trans-identifying males.

When another person suggested Navratilova’s post was fascism and it was an issue of “sex-based rights,” the tennis star hit back.

“Nobody here is trying to control bodies,” Navratilova wrote. “Which in fact men had been controlling women bodies for millennia and still do … asking for sex-based women’s spaces is not Fascism. Thank you.”

One person appeared to dispute the former professional tennis player’s post was even happening and she tweeted back, “Except any man can now get into a women’s locker room and the women can do nothing about it. And it’s not ok and you shouldn’t be ok with it either.”

And when another trans-activist tried to compare fear of trans-identifying males in women’s locker to how people reportedly felt in the 1990s about allowing lesbians, like herself, in those places, she pointed to statistics.

“Nope. Lesbians, as in biological females, do not commit sexual assaults — that would be 95% plus biological men,” Martina wrote. Nice try though…”

During the Maher’s Sunday podcast, Gaines tried to dodge the original question and when the host returned back to it, she replied, “I was trying to run away from this question. Okay, a six-foot-four male … We can’t unsee it. I mean, being in that space with a male, it’s like a bad car wreck.”

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