Cargo ship nearing Romanian port on the Black Sea

The Sukru Okan cargo ship is now nearing the Romanian port of Sulina, a day after a Russian warship fired warning shots and boarded the barge in the latest escalation in the sea's shipping lanes.

The Russian defense ministry claimed over the weekend that the ship was headed to the Ukrainian port of Izmail in the Black Sea.

Moscow has said it stopped the Turkish-owned, Palau-flagged dry cargo ship on Sunday to ensure it was not carrying "prohibited goods" to Ukraine. 

On Monday, data from public ship traffic website MarineTraffic showed the vessel's new location near Sulina as of 12:25 p.m. (5:25 a.m. ET).

The Romanian port is a city at the mouth of the Danube River. The Ukrainian port of Izmail is located nearby, along the Danube. 

In new video of the incident obtained by CNN on Monday, a helicopter can be seen approaching the vessel that Russia said contained servicemen, who then boarded the ship. The video, which was provided by the ship’s owner, also showed the crew sat on deck as an hour-long inspection was conducted before the barge was able to continue on its way.

How we got here: Russia pulled out of a UN and Turkish-brokered deal in July that allowed Kyiv to move its grain via the Black Sea. At the time, it warned that any ships headed to Ukraine would be treated as potentially carrying weapons. Ukraine made a similar threat to ships traveling to Russian ports.

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