Video shows affirmed slapping occurrence between Victor Wembanyama's security, Britney Lances

Las Vegas police say no charges will be recorded

Reconnaissance video acquired by TMZ has been delivered that seems to show Britney Lances hitting herself after the pop star's hand was driven over the San Antonio Prods' Victor Wembanyama.

Lances guaranteed she was attacked by safety faculty, however Las Vegas Police won't seek after criminal accusations.

Skewers at first blamed a part for the No. 1 pick's security group of striking her in the face when she moved toward him for an image Wednesday night.

Police said they closed their examination, and no charges will be recorded.

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Britney Spears in a red dress and silver choker on the red carpet

As per an occurrence report got by Fox News Computerized, an individual inside Lances' camp told police she was "underhanded" by the safety officer "in the face with a shut clench hand." The individual likewise noticed that, after they were situated for supper, the safety officer approached apologize.

In any case, the episode report additionally noticed that security film showed the safety officer pushing Lances' "hand off of the player without looking which makes Britney's hand hit herself in the face."

The update from policing Lances' explanation that she was attacked by the Prods' security faculty.

Part picture of Victor Wembanyama and Britney Lances

Part picture of Victor Wembanyama (left) addressing the media during the 2023 NBA Draft June 22, 2023, and Britney Lances going to the 2016 MTV Video Music Grants. (Mike Lawrence/Anthony Harvey/Getty Pictures)

I'm mindful of the player's explanation where he specifies 'I snatched him from behind' however I just tapped him on the shoulder. His security then, at that point, underhanded me in the face without thinking back, before a group. Almost wrecking me and causing my glasses off my face," Lances wrote in an explanation distributed on her virtual entertainment.


"I get amassed by individuals constantly. That evening, truth be told. I was amassed by a gathering of something like 20 fans. My security group didn't hit any of them."

Wembanyama told columnists before that he was uninformed that Lances was the individual engaged with the episode and that he was gotten from behind before his safety officer "drove her away."

Victor Wembanyama converses with the NBA media

Victor Wembanyama converses with the media during 2023 NBA Draft week June 21, 2023, in New York City. (David Dow/NBAE through Getty Pictures)


"I didn't understand what happened on the grounds that I was strolling straight and didn't stop. That individual snatched me from behind — not on my shoulder. She snatched me from behind," he said. "I simply realize the security drove her away. I don't be aware with how much power, yet security drove her away. I didn't stop to look, so I could stroll in and partake in a decent supper."

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