Matt Walsh Blasts Leftists Upset About Jason Aldean’s New Song Who Celebrate ‘Violent’ Rap Music

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh went viral after he blasted leftists who celebrate “violent” rap music getting upset about Jason Aldean’s new song, “Try That in a Small Town.”

Aldean’s hit was released in May but has recently generated a buzz after the Left deemed it “racist” and “pro-lynching.”

“The Matt Walsh Show” podcast host tweeted that it was “hilarious to hear the media accuse Jason Aldean of writing a song that ‘promotes violence’ when nearly every rap song for the past 30 years has directly and enthusiastically glorified murder, drug dealing, robbery and every other violent crime, and these people say nothing.”


The viral tweet has 3.1 million views and counting at the time of publication. Walsh followed that up with another that read, “One of the top rap videos on YouTube is called ‘Robberies’ by King Von and it’s all about him robbing and killing people.”

“The rapper was recently killed in a gang shooting. Before his death, he was implicated in multiple murders and other crimes. But Jason Aldean is the problem,” Walsh added sarcastically.

During Walsh’s podcast, he commented on the backlash against Aldean. He said the real reason the Left and media are causing a stir is their “own racism,” “anti-whiteism,” and political bigotry.

Walsh played the opening line of Aldean’s song about carjacking an old lady at a red light then analyzed the lyrics, saying they are “warning that if they behave this way in a small town, they won’t make it down the road, because, as he says, folks in small towns take care of their own and don’t put up with that kind of nonsense.”


The host noted how the reaction prompted Country Music Television (CMT) to pull Aldean’s new music video, after which the country singer released a statement slamming the racism claims as “meritless” and “dangerous.”

“In your typical rap song, violence is advocated against anybody and everybody, not for the sake of defending yourself or your community, but for the sake of profit or selling,” said Walsh. “Settling a score with someone from a rival gang or proving how tough you are, etc. You know, if a rap song mentions carjacking people at red lights or pulling guns on liquor store owners it’ll be because the artist is bragging about doing those things.”

“Aldean condemns those crimes,” he added. “Rap artists explicitly promote and glorify them…So why does Aldean get held to a standard that is never applied to the most popular rap artists in the world?”

“Well, because Aldean is white, number one and conservative and he sings country music,” Walsh continued. “I mean, that’s the whole reason…They accuse him of racism, but it’s their own racism, their anti-whiteism. Actually, several forms of racism at play here, given all the assumptions that they’re making, again, about black people by taking his lyrics as racial. That’s what’s driving this and their political bigotries as well.”

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