Maryland youngster killed on Puerto Rico ocean side while holiday

The DC-region teen went to James Hubert Blake Secondary School in Maryland
A youngster from Maryland who was going in Puerto Rico was killed on July 1 on a sea side.

The Puerto Rico Police Division said the youth was killed on an Isla Verde sea side near the Casa Cuba club on July 1 after a battle broke out.

According to Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez, who police ponder a suspect, gave himself over on Friday morning in relationship with the shooting.

The youth was recognized as Tommy Grays III, who was a rising junior at James Hubert Blake Optional School in Montgomery, Maryland.


Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez mugshot
Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez (El Negociado de la Policía de Puerto Rico)

The optional school passed a letter on to students and staff portraying the youth as "unbelievably valuing, quick, and intriguing."

Grays' father let NBC Washington in on that his kid is being viewed as a loser by specific people in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico
Isla Verde sea side in Puerto Rico (Google Guides)

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"My child was a guiltless youth with not a singular horrendous bone in his body," Tommy Grays said. "He had never been in a real fight a day in his life and he lost his life, and it's being said he was being horrendous. Has no reasonable purpose."

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Casa Cuba club Puerto Rico
Casa Cuba club (Google Guides)

According to the father, Tommy Grays, the dispute incorporated a substitute family member and completed when Martínez probably grabbed a weapon.

"My youngster had truly stopped the situation happening," Tommy Grays said. "He then walked around to the sea side and was in the water with his stepfather when the individual came running back up with the weapon going after them."

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