Keke Palmer has inconspicuous reaction to co-parent Darius Jackson's shade: 'I'm a motha'

Keke Palmer had an unobtrusive rebound to Darius Jackson, father of her child Leodis, scrutinizing her for an outfit decision.

The "Not a chance" entertainer, 29, went to Usher's Las Vegas residency on Wednesday, wearing a dark bodysuit under a sheer dress. In light of a video of her being entertained by the "There Goes My Child" vocalist, Jackson tweeted, "It's the outfit though .. you a mother."

Palmer adapted Jackson's comments with the send off of "I'm a motha" Shirts on Friday.

To publicize, the vocalist shared a video on Instagram as she sang an interpretation of Stevie Miracle's "Isn't She Wonderful" to her child

Keke Palmer threw subtle shade at Darius Jackson after he criticized her outfit.

"One thing is sure and one thing is valid, IM A MOTHA, totally!" Palmer inscription the post.

She added: "To all my mother's out there, how did your child change you?? Mine enabled me! On such another level, my viewpoint changed on the grounds that when my child is great I'm Perfect! See that face! Appreciation in abundance."
Keke Palmer's sweetheart duplicates downamid reaction for reprimanding her outfit: 'I have minimum expectations'

Palmer likewise delivered "I'm Stevie to the (BS)" Shirts, a reference to a new episode of her "Child, This Is Keke Palmer" digital broadcast.

During the episode, Palmer was asked by her mother Sharon and Jackson how she would respond assuming there were bits of gossip that her accomplice cheated. "She could be remaining close to you in an image … I'm visually impaired. I'm Stevie Marvel to the (BS)," she said. "Anything that we going through, we're discussing that in the wardrobe."
Jackson got analysis for multiplying down on his remarks about Palmer's outfit, later tweeting, "We live in an age where a man of the family doesn't need the spouse and mother to his children to grandstand goods cheeks to satisfy others and he gets told the amount of a critic he is."

Keke Palmer, Darius Jacksonand the issue with his extremely open remarks

Palmer had one more obscure reaction to Jackson on Friday, posting a TikTok video of her moving to a brief snippet of herself saying, "So if you going to misbehave, I'm going to connect up."
The line referred to a meeting she gave with Them in June while talking about her liquid sexuality and associations with men. "I got a large number of containers to look over, darling. … So in the event that you going to misbehave, I'm going to connect up with her."

It's hazy in the event that Palmer and Jackson are still seeing someone have parted.


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