'Frightening' Biden Cooperation With Little Youngster Lights Firestorm: 'What The F*** Is The matter With This Man?'

President Joe Biden lighted a firestorm this week after a strange video of him arose for this present week where he snacked on a little youngster who appeared dislike the collaboration.

The video of Biden came from Helsinki, Finland, and showed what happened when he moved toward a lady conveying a little youngster.

Biden put his face in the young lady's shoulder and snacked on her for a few seconds, making the young lady get some distance from the 80-year-old.

Biden then, at that point, endeavored to kiss the young lady on the head and she turned her head and again created some distance from Biden.


The video created broad repugnance online from numerous who noticed that Biden has a long history of this sort of conduct.

"This must be Biden's creepiest second yet with a youngster," said computerized media tactician Caleb Frame. "All Biden needs to do isn't do this and he can't."

Radio personality Jesse Kelly tweeted, "Man can't help himself when he sees a young lady. Like a youngster on Christmas morning."

Australian political observer Rita Panahi tweeted, "Frightening AF and Biden has a long history of improper contacting, kissing, sniffing and anything that the damnation this is … "

"What the F**K is off with this man?" tweeted Red State supervisor Ben Kew.

"Please accept my apologies," said media examiner Joe Concha. "Ordinary individuals don't do this with kids … "

Mediaite noticed that the clasp ignited bunches of editorial on link news channels, remembering for Fox News, where have Jesse Watters said, "Here's the president snacking at a frightened child in Finland. It's not official. It's unusual."

"The main time men do that is with their own youngsters at home, perhaps - not with peculiar children in that frame of mind of Europe with cameras rolling," Watters added. "He's cuddling and sniffing irregular children. Joe showed more love to this youthful Finnish young lady than to his own granddaughter in Arkansas."

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