Disney star hauled web-based in the wake of asking fans for cash in Macintosh PC pool

Skai Jackson's assessed total assets is obscure

Previous Disney Station entertainer Skai Jackson is being mocked internet based in the wake of requesting that fans pay a $5 charge to be placed into a pool for a Macintosh MacBook PC.

Jackson, 21, made sense of the giveaway and thusly safeguarded herself on TikTok live.

"It isn't so significant, for a damn $5. It is known as a wager, I couldn't say whether you folks have been to school previously however I realize I've been to school and we used to have pools constantly," she said, distinctly.

Apparently answering a remark about the charges, Jackson proceeded, "The cash goes toward the award, and like I expressed, in the event that there's anything left over I'm doing a second giveaway soon. So that is the thing it's going toward."

Skai Jackson with straight hair takes a gander at the camera on the floor covering inset (left) photograph of her on the Disney program "Jessie"

Skai Jackson was hauled online by fans who scrutinized her choice to charge fans for a giveaway opportunity. (Adam Taylor/Disney Station/David Livingston )

Skai Jackson with straight hair looks at the camera on the carpet inset (left) photo of her on the Disney program "Jessie"


Jackson then went on the safeguard, recognizing that regardless of requesting cash for the giveaway, she was not looking for nor did she really want money related pay.

"I don't require cash. Me actually, I don't require cash. What's more, I'm not saying this like, in a gloating way or any such thing, or in a mean way. I'm simply letting you folks realize I don't actually require cash. Like I am exceptionally fine in my life," she guaranteed her supporters.

Skai Jackson as Zuri, Peyton Rundown as Emma and Debby Ryan as Jessie on the show "Jessie" looking frightened

Skai Jackson featured close by Debby Ryan and Peyton Rundown on the Disney station show "Jessie." (Kelsey McNeal/Disney Station)

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Fans voiced their interests via web-based entertainment, with some inquiring as to why the entertainer didn't pay for the PC inside and out.

"All so fundamentally Skai's fans pooled their cash together to purchase 1 fan a Macintosh? A superstar should get it and the cash given goes to a foundation," one client composed.

"Skai Jackson is on TikTok live advising kids to send her $5 to her cashapp for an opportunity to win a MacBook. She guarantees she needn't bother with the cash, so why is she charging for section? This not peculiar to you all," someone else addressed.

Skai Jackson as Zuri, Peyton List as Emma and Debby Ryan as Jessie on the show "Jessie" looking scared

Skai Jackson at the debut of "John Wick: Section 4" in Los Angeles

Skai Jackson let her fans know that she was not searching for financial help. (Kevin Winter/GA/The Hollywood Columnist )

"Skai Jackson be the fundamental ones telling ppl 'I'm reserved and occupied' however is asking ppl to do $5 pools to win a 'MacBook'? surmise that Disney look at long last ran," one more kidded.

Jackson's huge break came in 2011 when she was projected in the Disney Station show "Jessie." She repeated her job in Disney's side project, "Bunk'd," for three seasons.

Skai Jackson at the premiere of "John Wick: Chapter 4" in Los Angeles


From that point forward, Jackson has done a few voice-acting undertakings and featured in the film "Sheroes" in 2023. She additionally showed up on "Hitting the dance floor with the Stars."

A delegate for Jackson didn't promptly answer Fox News Computerized's solicitation for input, or elaboration on what the giveaway would be for extra assets gathered.

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