CHURCHYARD ‘ATTACK’ Two men arrested after teenager ‘raped’ in churchyard

 TWO men have been captured after a youngster was purportedly assaulted in a churchyard.

Cops have sent off a pressing examination following a 19-year-elderly person detailed the early morning attack in the St Michaels Churchyard, Cornwall.

Two men have been captured after a youngster was "assaulted" in a churchyard


Two men have been arrested after a teen was "raped" in a churchyard

Two men have been captured after a youngster was "assaulted" in a churchyardCredit: Google

The revealed assault occurred somewhere in the range of 2am and 3am on July 9.

Police affirmed two men - both in their 30s - were captured on doubt of assault on Thursday morning and stay in guardianship.

A couple are helping officials having come to the guide of the casualty during the assault.

Cops asked anybody with data or video film to approach.

Monitor Christopher Donald said: "We keep on exploring the serious rape of a 19-year-elderly person that is accounted for to have occurred in St Michaels Churchyard, Helston between 2-3am on Sunday, July 9.

"We gave an allure looking for witnesses and explicitly a couple who came to the guide of the casualty during the assault; this couple have spread the word about themselves for police and we say thanks to them for their assistance in this.

"In the early hours of today we captured two men, both in their 30's from Mullion and Helston areas of Cornwall, on doubt of assault. The two of them stay in police care.

"We keep on engaging for CCTV, doorbell, run or cap cam film that could help us with our enquiries.

"Assuming you presently can't seem to have spoken with an official and have any data that could help, if it's not too much trouble, reach us quickly on 101 citing case reference number 50230190710."

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  1. Why are "rape" and "assault" in quotes? Are they afraid to offend the rapists by speaking plainly? Also, the police can provide no description of the assailants for what, "privacy reasons"? As a final punchline, potential witnesses are invited to ring up the police, "if it's not too much trouble". This sounds exactly like something Monty Python would write.


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