Young Boys Accidentally Ruin Norway's 5000-Year-Old Stone Age Carving

The carving, located at Røøya on the island of Tro, is known as The Skier because it resembles a person participating in the recreational activity. The 5000-year-old stone art is considered one of the country's most acclaimed historical sites.

ancient rock 2

But the thing about ancient rock art is that it can be somewhat difficult to make out. With that in mind, young art fans tried to make the carvings more visible by retracing the lines and carving them deeper with a sharp object. The boys are minors so information of their identities has not been shared.

ancient rock

A study of the site will be conducted next month, but experts are saying the damage could be “irreversible.”

Bård Anders Langø, the mayor of a local municipality said:

"It’s a kid, and it was done out of good intentions. They were trying to make it more visible actually, and I don’t think they understood how serious it was. I think now they understand.

It’s a tragedy, because it’s one of the most famous Norwegian historical sites. The new lines are both in and outside where the old marks had been.”

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